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Alajuela Downtown Stories

Enjoy the land amazing treasures below this post:
A terrific video to watch
In Spanish my space history
(photos: Recreational green grass)

recreational green grass

Gold coins all the way to Spain, the flavor of being a Costa Rican
Main Costa Rican road (Moreno Canas) To the capital San Jose, the international park in between the airport building and downtown.

My-space Photograph, graphics made with a cannon digital camera from the roads.
The images to the right shows how the main departure calendar boards can be found inside the Juan Santa Maria's airport

The main aviation place to the closer of San Jose and down town city limits of our five star already mentioned.

Sculptures on the rock, national artist delivers some of his job well done for our park.
My-space Bilingual drivers with many taxis, taxi cabs in the airport in service for incoming tourism or visitors, travelers worldwide images

So don't rent a car, they will take you and your friends to the hotel immediately and go back to pick you up too.

An Amazing history is waiting to be displayed, noticeable from world's best.
This Wonderful and full of surprises city-hugs in the soul lots of the nation's history.
Those were merchandisers and some also were Europeans, from Spain, France, Italy and England.


We all know our city did a lot negotiations from the Atlantic's port " Limon" and many times from the Pacific Zone " Caldera" in those years, the well know road "La Cuesta o Camino de Las Mulas", "The Mule's Road"

The good old times when nobody ask about thingsd they didn't know about!

Sicerely you best friend

This was a up hill passage used to carry mostly of the products locally, as they were coffee, cocoa and gold to Europe by business man.

We wait to put the story together and that is done, the world will know something surprise.
Be patience people search
We continue searching and chat (talking - conversations on a digital window), or better say people search and soon we will visit you to take many pictures an post them in this pages.

The city holds in it's soul part of the freedom and independence that we have today

En Español Historia de Alajuela, La Alajuelense en casa.

El chat amigos y las amigas de la tierra bonevolente
La mansion del paraiso centroamericano y todo lo que se pueda decir de los manudos, es poco para determinar la buena amistad que te brindan los hombres y las mujeres en el chat amigos
Ticos todos por derecho.

Una historia de Alajuela sin presedentes es lo que espera a esta ciudad que albergo muchos de nuestros antepasados coloniales, aquellos mercaderes o " comerciantes" y algunos de origen Español, Italianos y Franceses.

National Geographic shows Costa Rica treasures, the Paraíso Natural Selubri

Aunque todos sabemos quese comerciaba con Europa a travez del Atlantico y por supuesto por el Pacifico a travez de Salinas y Caldera en Esparza.
Recordando "La Cuesta o Camino de Las Mulas".

Por eso es que decimos que tomara un poquito de tiempo para organizar y decirle al mundo la historia que sorprendera a todos nosotros.
Paciencia Alajuela, muy pronto.
Estas son algunas fotos por ahora, mas vendran muy pronto cuando visitemos nuestra estrella alajuelense.
El parque de la autopista, fotografia hecha con una camara digital cannon desde la carretera.

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