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Low priced lots, condos, homes, and luxury rentals in the Jaco Beach and Heredia Mountains of Costa Rica could cost you all your money
Don't buy just because you like it

Do it because you know how the system in Costa Rica works and does good for you and the investment for your future, be aware that many has done this before and now they are selling.

The investment should be good for you, for the country and for your neighbors.

Not only for the real estate company, so try to get always a very low price, so if you want to sell later is going to be easy for you. The idea of checking with every city hall close where you are going to buy is the right thing to do.

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You can also enjoy the lake and hot springs by traveling to city Tilaran via the Inter Americana highway and visiting the volcano and hot springs by boat from Puerto San Luis( Saint Louis ).

The best place to see the volcano is near La Fortuna and the best place to enter and enjoy the lake from is at Puerto San Luis ( Saint Louis ), near the town of Tilaran.
Yes you can several times and also invite your friends too, before you invest, it is the best way to do, always.

The Lake Arenal and The Volcano with the same name (In La Fortuna of Tilaran ) areas are well worth tourists spending time at.

The road between La Fortuna and Arenal is a good condition than the road between Tilaran and Arenal and has a fresh layer of smooth pavement.

Both the tourism companies and the real estate development companies are very happy.
Receive top assistance from immigration Costa Rica and process your legal citizenship documentation, the office immigration Costa Rica is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 4:30 pm

It is almost a fact that relaxing in hot waters with volcanic touched elements is something our ancestors used to talk about, as they many times said "
These kind of waters will fix my arthritis in my bones and penetrate all relieving body aches, tension, aches flu, body inflammation, relieving anxiety stress, lower back pain.

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The hurting from many years of working"
Today we use to visit interesting sites just for recreation and getting away from the big city stress.

Alone with the Tabacon place at Arenal, there are other small places with waters like this ones, Miramar in Puntarenas has also a hidden river, where many visitors, specially at the summer
Just at the entrance of the city, and it is free of cost
just keep the place free of disposals and not a problem.

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Questions & Answers:

Did the new Immigration Law go into effect.
Yes, the New Immigration Reform Law.
You need a professional lawyer, someone that will not take your money when they do not make the respective legal job.

Contacting the bar Association general lawyers local is a very good idea, before hiring a particular lawyer.
Making decisions alone when investing, without business legal documents accepted by government agencies, is a terrible mistake.

Also, trusting some woman, just because she is cute, might not be in your best interest.

And always make sure you get the opinion of government agencies and the bar of Lawyers association, located in downtown San Jose.

Remember the courts are very busy with many cases, so it's highly recommended that you make sure to check with the professional side of the country before letting your savings go out of your hands.

Never mix business with your private sharing life at these locations.

If you already bought a property and now you want to bring your friends, girlfriends or boyfriends inside to live in your home, you could very well loose your property, so check with serious legal advisors first.
Answers about real-estate and at the Lake Arenal ( National electric company owns and administers this lake area

Spanish: Poner Un Anuncio Comercial Directo

we show a new way to find and share information. You can ask questions on any topic and get answers from real people while sharing your insights.

You will find some accurate answers to some popular questions.
Where o I go to find out about Rico residency and what types are available?
Contact Immigration to apply to become a permanent Resident.

It is located in front of, or across from, the highway of the hospital Mexico in la Uruca.
Another way would be to apply at your respective consulate in your country.

Residencies offered are
( Some In the Spanish language )


Pensionado, rentista, inversionistas

( Investor's visa or status ), Familiar, or Temporary Resident.
Where are some nice places there to visit, or to possibly live?
Montezuma is a cool little beach town on the Pacific coast has so much to see and do
Also the Tabacon hot springs ( nice ), close to the Arenal Volcano.

Of course, there are thousands of unique places a variety different climates, habitats, and much more.
You would have to just explore and discover this beautiful country yourself!

It is a good destination for a family vacation?
Yes, there are many places to visit and thing to do in this place!

It is advisable to have everything already set up before arrival such as all hotel and car reservations made, if possible.

And remember to bring a jacket or some warmer clothing if you are visiting a cooler climate
And sunscreen for the beaches, and plenty of insect repellent.

Can I rent a cell phone in South America?
Yes, you sure can.
Several companies offer daily, weekly, monthly, and long term cell phone rentals.
Could I rent a home?
There are many styles of rental homes to rent weekly or monthly everywhere, find them in between our advertisers.

What economy type does this country have? An open economy.  We are a democracy with a long peaceful trajectory and a very established open business economy.

Country currencies that are accepted in the street businesses are the American dollar, the European Euro, major credit cards, travelers checks ( there are usually fees involved to exchange them ), and the coin Colon.
any other currencies must be exchanged at the bank.
Which are the seven states.
The 7 states or provinces Are:

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1- San Jose ( The City Capital ),
2-Alajuela ( next to San Jose, Limon)
3- Cartago  ( next to San Jose ),
4- Heredia ( next to San Jose, Alajuela, Limon, Guanacaste ),
5- Puntarenas ( next to Guanacaste, Alajuela ),
6-Guanacaste ( next to Heredia, Puntarenas, Nicaragua country northern cross international line.
7 -Limon ( next to Cartago, Heredia, and Panama " country southern international cross line ").

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Fishing, world-class windsurfing, boating, water skiing, soaking in hot springs, horse back riding, bird watching, relaxing are some of the many activities of this awesome Caribbean destination.
Many reasons we have for saying that we will give you what you looking for
First we not only concentrate in commercial places, instead we also give you the free places too, those that many don't talk about because they make non profit
So keep looking inside our website and get to know inside out Caribbean nation.

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Our nation has Accommodations in Monteverde
Green lands and cloud forest

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And Downtown in Puntarenas
Province with amazing sunny beaches and 5 stars hotels and places for to practice sports, like sport fishing alone the pacific coasts.

Also the country is a wonderful choice for a comfortable atmospheres to people that whishes to marry at stunning churches, mountains, beaches and even volcanoes.