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We must post tweets all day long to be heard from digital search engine bots and receive a hundred or so visitors per day to our websites

Our small business just make a $150.00 dollars per month enough to pay the web hosting and some pages maintenance to sustain the search engines hunger for new updated information and content fresh.

While they use you to be on their social sites for hours and they receive a million visitors per minute while their profits surpass the billion dollars every month.

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Why teens, middle age and elderly individuals from all 4 corners of the world like to stay sniffing the private business of their friends

Their actors and actresses, politicians, watching videos and criticizing others opinions and day after day good or bad behaviors? simple!

These behaviors are signs of the reactions humans got from their parents DNA when they were conceived and it has being for millions of years on the planet earth as a survival behavior of animal kingdom.

Humans compete every day, minute and second mentally and physically against each other for better positions on sociality, in the planet earth.

Some times individuals look the approval opinions of others on his her group and this is a strong reason why they love to be social on the web.
As longer you approve their opinions and behaves, they are your "close bodies" and if you are opposite their sayings, then there is controversy and problems.

The Smartwatch with the Android Smartphone, Color Black Qualcomm Toq).
" Important Notes & Quotes: Features revolutionary Qualcomm Mirasol display technology
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Digital devices came along to make it happen even further, by now these individuals are consumers 99.99% everyday of airtime from wireless services providers corporations like At&t, Verizon wireless, cable companies, Netflix movies and videos, Netflix app plan and gift card, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram hashtag
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The last news we heard was about a small country in Latin America, where the local government is collecting sales taxes to provide mobile service to all teens students high school and college for free.

These people think that being connected is the future and that their young citizens someday will master informatics, technologies and electronics ideas creation " Smarter Engineers and professionals on all branches of science".

We seen enough out there where many get hit by a car on the road while the pedestrians are walking and sending text to their friends within their social circle of influence.
If that is science, then Zombies is their best name

By now, the data that belongs to each worldwide individual is recorded already by international agencies who collected using their social media websites interactive cool stuff and the spider web trapped the world citizens every second.
People lost their privacy and their belongings are stored for the future device to come out
Every one must have one if they want to get food, shelter and keep living the style.

How bid, heavy or size and where on the body, is an information not available right now, but probable the agency will tell you and me later, as a command.

Companies will pay any amount for your data and mine, they will sell us their products by keeping us consuming like crazy and we will be happy doing so as they command us to.

For instance, if someone takes your iPhone, Smartphone away from your hand while you are sniffing your colleges or friend's private messages to their friends, then you will be very disappointed and probable will fight to get your device back immediately, you will go crazy screaming " give it back".
Can we image us wearing cool glasses and watching a movie while walking on the street or working, driving a car, truck vehicle, a water ski boats?

Can you image you listening to music when sleeping and resting? That only means we are getting training 24/7 by companies and agencies who want us to become their consumers and robots.

Also, how in the world we can wear a watch that will tell government controlling agencies our positions, our private business, our behaviors.
These watches are going to be so popular that even babies can use them for their parents to keep updates about what their baby is doing.

Devices installed into our new family members body skins that only the main control agency will know, so they can always know where that human is at a specific time moment.
Smaller than the needle dot, these brains computers will start casting your data information eternally, even if the person is dead. Nobody will be able to escape from the final id card as they will carry it for ever as their presentation id, and they can't see it to try removing it ever.

( Photo on the left: " This is an Unlocked Smartphone N8000 5 Inch Screen Android 4.0 Smart Phone Dual SIM Mtk6575 1ghz 3g Tv GPS")
Important Quotes, Note: " Characteristics and specifications.
Guide Lines to follow for comparison chart.

It contains inside features like an Android 4.0.3 OS;5.0inch Capacitive multi-touch screen, HVGA PX:480*800
3G WCDMA: 2100; GSM: 800 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz;Dual sim card dual standby WCDMA+ GSM, GSM + GSM
CPU: MT6575 1GHz;4G ROM+512M RAM.
Built in GPS WIFI and analog TV 5.0 Mega pixel Back camera;1.3MP front camera
Support Gmail, Facebook, Skype, MSN, word, excel, ppt, pdf format document".

No more need to go the school and study, no more college students and professionals, their education will come on packages as the microchips get installed on their brains.
New born babies will be qualified by quality and DNA capabilities, their knowledge will be packed on a microchip and inside their body, somewhere.
The question is.
How can we stop this process? If we can't even get away from our cell phones and Samsung Smartphone right now? How can we prevent our children from being casting their private lives on a social website like Facebook Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn.
The high school and college-age members engagement.
They went to the messaging apps such as WhatsApp ( Tips, Note: WhasApp has it's own online server system) and SnapChat, who are becoming popular worldwide.

The truth is that people today are so different than people in 1960, and the 1980's 90's and up to 2025 will be using digital computerized devices to connect and receive information
There is nothing we can do to stop that parents are responsible from buying what is toxic to their children, and governments are also responsible to protecting their citizens and everything will be just fine with shopping habits for wireless services or news channels.

An Account that none one has control.
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