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Best Practices For Doing Business in Brazil

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brazil's flag green yellow blue colors

Quality Brazilian videos collection learn from all inclusive to south America, channel Youtube ( Bottom line).
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Beauty countess and pageant supermodels, models aged between 20-30yrs.
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Alessandra Ambrosio bikini

Elite Model Management Adriana Lima ( best known as a Victoria's Secret Angel), Gisele Bundchen ( hailed by ROLLING STONE Magazine "most beautiful girl of the world".

Alessandra Ambrosio " began modeling for Dilson Stein at age 15. Winning Brazil's Elite model Look started her personal modeling career"

Top Model Ana Beatriz Barros " born in a small town of Itabira, Minas Gerais, Brazil".
CHEST: 89 cm, WAIST: 60 cm, HIPS: 89 cm, HEIGHT: 180 cm, WEIGHT: 52 kg (General Average)

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Business Development and Consoling Services. Note: this nice country is located at South America in the south continent and people speak Portuguese because it was discovered by the Portuguese from Portugal. There people can go to the most famous carnival yearly and hang around while dancing samba music and enjoying the beautiful Brazilian women dance.
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The capital is called or has a name Rio De Janeiro, It has a very strong economy and it is open for business around the globe.
The most important cities and districts:
Country States (or

Los Estados), las provincias.

Brazilian Capital: Brasilia |


( like any urban big city, this one is over populated too but the majority of business can be done easily.

City ( ciudad )
Manaus :" the famous The Amazonas River & Green Forest conservation as longs for the world" "

Rio de Janeiro:
( Meaning River of January in Portuguese ) at this place people come to visit often reserving hotel room and going to enjoy the sun at the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, also to find out how tall and giant is the statue for Jesus Christ at the mountain.

Sao Paulo Portuguese for Saint Paul and the number 4th biggest in the earth
( Sao Paulo )

As we all must know already people in this very nice country speak Portuguese from Portugal, a country in Europe at the south from Spain.
Please get more information thru the map, yes it is free to see and learn, the best map in the web for everybody.

brazilian women, Alessandra Ambrosio and ana beatriz barros

What can we say respecting something so magnificent on earth, it is just to stay speechless about this unique south American land
It's peoples and their traditions or customs are always their food and their beautiful women ( known in Spanish as samba brazilena "and they can be seen everywhere, inclusive in many states of USA or US.

A great smart football soccer, we guess the greatest from the entire world, a wonder all alone for beauty and elegancy as a nation. Business Developments Corp
South America Tel: 345-???

Other important facts are for example:
Travel hotels, investor Corp doing business in brazil, clothing factory, TV artistic entertaining
Cities like Brazilia Distrito Federal, Ipanema and the beach, Sao Paulo Sau Pablo, Curitiva, Fortaleza, Minas Gerais, Parana, Acre, Santa Catarina.

Para, Rio Grande do Sul, Ceara, Esperanto Santo, Goias, Pernambuco, Mato Grosso do Sul, and many other cities with a lot of people making business.
The country is the largest in Latin American regions ( Portugal's Daughter ).
It is Called The Girls From Ipanema beach.

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A very good video with examples about the prior words we typed above, how things are done, wonderful views from the beach, happiness and even natural fruits products.

Copa de fútbol mundial, la selección.
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Lista de las empresas del brasileñas de America.
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coffee espresso brazil

Como cualquier ciudad urbana del mundo, esta también esta sobre poblada pero la gran mayoría de negocios esta en ella y es muy fácil lograr hacerlos ).
Mirar el mapa para mas información, el es un mapa de lo mas creativa y especial, y es un mapa de gratis para aprender.

La mas famosa con el bosque Amazonas y pulmón del mundo.
( se traduce al español en río de enero en el idioma portugués ), es en este lugar donde las personas visitantes vienen a disfrutar de una buena reservación de hotel y a bañarse en las playas Copa Cabana y Ipanema, además de ir a mirar la estatua del Cristo Brasileño.

La numero cuatro en grandeza y extensión, populación de gentes en la tierra, San Pablo, por el nombre de San pablo Cristiano.
Acre, Alagoas, Amapa, El Amazonas, Bahia, Ceara Esperito, Santo Goias, Maranhao
Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas, Gerais, Para.
Fácil localizar los negocios locales, en el gran país del sur, las listas de los comercios o empresarios locales, brasileñas de America.

Tenia una finca para vender y casi nadie me llamaba para preguntar el precio, asi que la puse en los directorios internacionales en linea "online business" y de pronto cientos de personas, inversionistas para los comenzaron a llamarme al teléfono celular.
Este fue el mensaje que escribí en bienes y raíces o real estate.

Estoy vendiendo mi finca por menos de lo que vale, oportunidad para ahorrar en propiedades
Un buen video con sabor a casi todo lo que hemos hablado anteriormente, con vistas espectaculares y ejemplos de como disfrutar, como se vive y que se piensa en esta excelente nación sudamericana.