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French and British Colonial Population a 389 distance territorial is about 34 kilometers (Total of 21 miles ) x length and as proximally 23 kilometers (14 miles ) in width island
In the southern portion of the Windward Islands

Discover a country located in the Lesser Antilles islands chain St Vincent and the tropical paradise for yachting, sport aqua scuba diving, forest eco adventures all in one package travel to Grenadines vacation packages, the gorgeous Caribbean islands.

Barbados Island's Location to eat sushi (a local Japoness sushi restaurant) from neighbor San Vincent and Grenadines island.
Places villas with secret hideaways.
These are some of their locations names:

Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Palm Island
Union and Mayreau islands
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Get directions and street names, city names from this island

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Enjoy a closer view of the map for Barbados in the Antilles group of islands. Caribbean's leading tourist destinations
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Some cities from this country island location are for example:
White Hill, Market Hill, Workman's, Walkers Terrace, Waverly Cot, Spaightstown, Basheba, Holetown, Bridgetown and The Crain.

It is located at the north Atlantic ocean and with the other member islands within the Antilles.

Barbados flag

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