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Guess who is the one that in the circus when acting causes everybody to pay fully attention?
The trapeze woman or a group of them sometimes.

red shorts blue blouse trapeze woman

They wear beautiful body tight clothes.
The dress up is got to be adequate for the stream job of risking their lives in front everyone assisting to the circle in the circus.
The costumes for kids, or they are for the women and men to buy and wear when practicing sports that kind.

Once again, the "quotes or quotation marks " are the containing story written by the book author little girl. Quote " she wrote several kids books, then we will publish them much later online".

"Attention boys and girls

Get ready for Trisore, the treasure lady is now on and it is the top show for the present public on the American circus.
It is the trapeze artist, a gymnast, her dress is a nice outfit costumes for best performance on the job of jumping"

The Trapezist is a good performer on the trapeze a gymnast.
Must say that the circus for babies and kids, teenagers, toddlers is always with the schedule of the afternoons or in the mornings after nine am.

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By the way, she, the lady has a dress of red overall shorts, a light blue shirt or blouse, and she is blond also, her hair style is long and yellow, her name is Trisore.

Even so this great book is not a bestseller, because it is totally free to read, for sure people appreciate and they will recommend it to Facebook pages and Twitter G+ Network Social Media Sites in The Web. read More, follow The Numbers.

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The woman and men when on stage doing their acrobatics can't be afraid while perfuming aerobic acrobatic tricks.
The job is professional and the public like to watch with 100% authentic athletics every movement on the stage.
Lets make sure to share this book information to all your friends, brothers and sisters, relatives and family general, also at school, high schools, college and universities

it is always a lifetime treasure to be so flexible with your beautiful body to perform lots of movements and never get hurt doing acrobatic tricks on the line when working.