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The celebrity writer could tell everybody "just kidding", the book is not for you, sorry no story teller

cute puppies dog puddle

For sure, the author is a small little girl who happens having great imagination and she created this famous circus for all the people who love animals and clowns.
More people want to be part of the circus shows, but sometimes it just can't be, specially when the tickets are already sold

Per fortune, kids can get inside the big tent for fr5ee by reading this great free books.

" The Quotes" are the key of those words that came out from the book master mind girls.
Just read in between quotes, that is fine.

" This is the cutest poodle puppy dog celebrity"

You see, the poodle he-he!
My mom and dad brought me and my little sister to the circus just to watch the dogs performing an act of an acrobacy motion elegance act
There were many performers, the clown, an elephant just came from Africa, an equestrian person with a costume dress for a celebrity.

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An Acrobat fat lady, a very cute tiger, scary but cute, and many more, inclusive the lion.

Now we got a single dog making the best job, and trust me, all people's eyes are close enough to watch what this puppies are going to do today, each move is a big deal and people applause without stopping.
The famous actors and actresses have their own costume dress, white, black, silver and blue colors, just like our small star!

Well, this is the final page of an entire interesting kids free book, something you can read over and over and that's fine.
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