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My Seal Does A Great Job On Stage

In the stage stands the slippery nose and pointy boots seal came along to continue the great amusement and entertained show at the city circus.

black seals from ocean sea

She is the number 5 artist who dances and makes rounds and rounds all over the place while singing with music.
People just don't stop applauding to the famous black seal when she jumps and does acrobatic movements and when she dances.

Who said that dancers need best possible dancewear clothes to attract viewers eyes, this is a seal and she has natural skin like a jacket that covers her body instead of clothing dress for best job on acting entertaining on stage dancewear.

"Now, the performing seal!"

The happy Seal!

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Her name is Sal.
She has a big nose and it is very slippery and pointy.

Ocean seal will balance a shiny ball on the tip of her pointy nose
A difficult act of balancing the ball on her big nose's tip, very dramatic entertaining on stage.

The famous circus presents the best American perfuming seal shows today.
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Almost forgot, please stay on tuned with the rest of the entire story for more amazing artist showing up on stage for the public to laugh and enjoying the job.

Describing the looks for the artist, she is wearing natural ocean clothing, black and brown colors, no shoes, people can see her toes and feet.
Now, the act goes on top of the small circle with light blue and yellow triangles, where she stands evenly.

Perfect looks and match dress up as a costume and job on acting tools.
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