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Fantastic Stories For Little Infants

A lion is the icon for the forest power and wildlife people's attractions.
So why this author decided to make this animal a strong movie star, the starring?

scary lion leon, wild circus animals

To start, a circus with excitement isn't a great place to visit for kids parents, mom and dad.
There is where Leon the Lion comes around and fills that special presentation for this amazing circus book.
Read between " Quotes" under the photo for the flow of pages reading, please.

For now you have a front sit because everyone get a free circus ticket, infants children's admission is totally free, and the baby loves to watch and read things totally free too.

I hope you get to enjoy his book interesting stories
Read them to your baby, the toddlers kids, they will understand and create their dreams

"Hello, Welcome to the Circus"

First, we will see Leon, the Lion.

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Even More Pages For Great Stories tell.

Main Story, The BookFace, Frontal Menu.

2-Funny Dancer Joe Joe The Dancing Monkey

3-A Funny Thing, The Clown With Colored Wigs

4- Funny Jokes, Acrobat Artist Fat Lady

5-Slippery Pointy Nose The Ocean Seal

6-The Trapeze Artist with Nice Outfit Costume.

7-The Equestrian Princess Acrobat

8-The Big Elephant Show

9-The Dancing Bear

10-A Scary Tiger Jaeh The Wiggles

The Poodle Dog Acrobatic Performance

10-A Scary Tiger Jaeh The Wiggles, Just Eat A big Mal This Morning.

11- The Poodle Dog Acrobatic Performance. Love it like Facebook.

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