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Dancing Trained Animals

Many kids and adults are watching and having great fun with music songs dancing.

bear dancing at the circus

The artist in this show is the famous dancer bear from the highest mountains in Alaska, the famous dancing acrobat.

The public already has watched many others good performers on the free tickets circus stage, I mean the free book reading story.
Just for many small little ones, the huge animal with four strong legs and sharpen long nails to scratch all they find on their way, un-concealed to find this one just making the public kids happy with the presentation.

The dress style is with a green jacket, black tie, and no shoes, bare feet is fine for music songs dancing.

The famous bear even waits for people applauses. Don't ever forget to share this web sites pages for your friends and family, brothers and sisters cousins co-students at school, kindergarten and everyone to learn about this great shows.

Also, "quotes" represent the flow of the great story tell", read inside and understand, pass the next page too.

" With the name, Ned the dancing bear"

Who by the way, is a great dancer.
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The show is on!
Part of the story teller, well done mister actor wild and well trained bears with dress green jacket.

For just a few smiles the big animal is capable to spend the rest of his life pleasing the tiny children
So, they can have fun listening and looking the moves on the stage.
The whole city is present watching the performing mountain big brown bear arts.

Mothers and fathers just let the show to attract their babies eyes and ears, the entertaining is precious for them.

The actor and dancer Ned bear from Alaska's forest and high mountains, the snows and rivers, has being receiving his intensive lessons for training about music and dances moves for almost five years already, his grandpa also was an actor and great dancer on stage.

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It has never being easy to start the business of training wild animals, specially if they live far away deep on the forest or at the snow in the north pole!