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The Funny Show With A Celebrity Clown

There is no fun party ever if the circus doesn't have the right acrobats clowns

a green dress clown in the circus, acrobatic

The clown you and me love and want to listen when they talk, meantime looking their dress clothes, outfits and costumes.

Probable there are millions of kids around the world who like to watch and read books with pictures or dressed funny clowns

Also certainly many other children really not that much and they might get intimidated by one of these guys or gals, in a case of a celebrity female clown.

Make sure to enjoy reading in between quotes" "stories quotes" right below the photo, so understanding the story is crucial for the little ones.

"Well, next is going to be a funny thing"

it's an acrobat celebrity Clown with a green outfit and a red hat with stripes.
The Book Author Also Approves attractive colors on her celebrity clown.

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Each story is a full world of imagination for kids

1- The Hungry Lion Leon

2- Joe Joe The Dancing Monkey

Main Story, The BookFace, Frontal Menu.

4- Funny Jokes, Acrobat Artist Fat Lady

5-Slippery Pointy Nose The Ocean Seal

6-The Trapeze Artist with Nice Outfit Costume.

7-The Equestrian Princess Acrobat

8-The Big Elephant Show

9-The Dancing Bear

10-A Scary Tiger Jaeh The Wiggles

The Poodle Dog Acrobatic Performance

Clearly the color of the performer dress is important, children and babies love to watch attractive colors at the circus when it arrives to town or city.
These kind of shows only can be enjoyed and watch at the most high quality circus and city events perhaps once ever ten years.

To delight children's eyes likes, the circus has lots of surprises on each different hours number of acts.

In the small little girl, the book author, a photo or a set of pictures do a great deals when writing their first book.

Also the reader can be an adult or even when moms and dads read to their baby boy and baby girl at night time in their bedroom, just before the sleep.

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