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Next Circus Functions Funny Monkey Live

Some people really know how to enjoy life!

funny dancer monkie

(Photo: Dancing joe red acket and hat) Monkey go happy, excitement and big expectations on the guest children's eyes, while they are waiting for the circus show to begin with clowns, acrobats, amazing and exotic colorful animals, ladies girls best dancer, or dancers dressed with fantastic well designed costumes outfits.

Please read with attention under the pictures, about the quotes "the story Funny Monkey" An attraction unforgettable. Grab your free sit and watch it, books free to read online

Wow, that lion was crazy, ha-ha!

Well, next is Joe-Joe. The best dancer, dancing monkey of all time.
"Monkey go happy!"
The Book Pages List Goes Like This:

Main Story, The BookFace, Frontal Menu.

1-The Hungry Lion Leon

3-A Funny Thing, The Clown With Colored Wigs

4- Funny Jokes, Acrobat Artist Fat Lady

5-Slippery Pointy Nose The Ocean Seal

6-The Trapeze Artist with Nice Outfit Costume.

4-Funny Acrobat Fat Lady

7-The Equestrian Princess Acrobat

8-The Big Elephant Show

9- The Dancing Bear

10-A Scary Tiger Jaeh The Wiggles

The Poodle Dog Acrobatic Performance
Big Animal.
11- The Poodle Dog Acrobatic Performance.
Small children know that tiny monkeys are very funny when they dance at the city circus, and that they love to see kids' big smiles and laughs

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In this case Mr. Joe has a red jacket and a red hat, but no shoes and that is because it is a little could and the shoes will get in the best performance way
So, no shoes for this show, please.

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