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Free Circus Shows

Precious acts Like no other exotic wild animals in the world.

a huge cat, the tiger

Just from Africa, the big scary tiger is one of the performers today morning at the important city circus.
Show after show with all kinds of dress costumes and events that kept everybody full attention to each single circus number of acts.
This is a special animal, people want to see it but from far, just like the lions also.

The point is to read between " Quotes" to follow the flow of the book stories, cute story by all ways.

"Next Show Will Be, The Scary Tiger"

His name is Jaeh the Wiggles
The huge yellow animal has being receiving perfect school training on how to behave in front of kids and general public.

He has earned all respects for his precious acts and the quality shows performed by him and his friends and trainers.

Entertaining the babies, toddlers, boys and girls is his best specialty everyday the show is on the stage.
Yellow hair and black stripes, round ears to hear the best, fast and efficiently. Well trained over and over the years by experts science he was a small kitty.
So please, stop being afraid, it is just a yellow smart and famous kitty "a huge cat artist".

An smart feline with knowledge about games and acting in front of many people, he loves the children applauses and happy smiles.

Main Story, The BookFace, Frontal Menu.

1-The Hungry Lion Leon

2-Joe Joe The Dancing Monkey

3-A Funny Thing, Colored Wigs The Clown

4- Funny Jokes, Acrobat Artist Fat Lady

5-Slippery Pointy Nose The Ocean Seal

6-The Trapeze Artist with Nice Outfit Costume.

7-The Equestrian Princess Acrobat

8-The Big Elephant Show

9-The Dancing Bear

The Poodle Dog Acrobatic Performance

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