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If what the customer is looking for is about a hotel to relate and compare prices for rooms reservations for their employees, which it is the case for other businesses shopping best deal to apply their budget and spending limits at the year end, traveling researches or retired employees who were holding better higher paid jobs and receiving company gifts.

By the other hand if the visitor is a trading firm or regular traveler with a potential business trend, investors or professional with great vision on what the product is about or where they want to buy it.
The fact is always the same, providing options for users and shoppers to find what they want is critical, information to others in the classical case that we can have it for now, then someone else might do so.

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It is always very nice and healthy to have some new or older affiliates for The world of discovery, our discovery for new company's friends.
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If for any new reason you feel that it is necessary to contact us, please use the contact form provided up with the necessary procedures.
We sooner will right you back as it is possible.

A company to the service, servicing to European, in American, in Asian and Australian.

We realize the fact that businesses might be together and sharing for surviving the competitions and remain standing with an amount acceptable of customers, an open constructive critical is extreme important.
So it is like that these small, medium and large corporative signatures can get better to serve the consumer. Business of the Americas, Listings And Flags.

International Continental Directory | Negocios Del Continente, Sus Banderas

Colorful flags. We call a commercial affiliate company or business when we have signed an business cooperation and bidirectional agreement already. For now we have none. But in a very close future we will and they will be displayed right here.
Most of our business is redirected to the Americas

We have considered at some point several American companies located in the American territory.
For the territory within the Asia and Europe several companies have reply their interest to exchange in some moment business relations with E J S.A.

But, we are not quite jet ready and have decided to wait a wile until numbers are closed to the right point.
The isn't any urge for visitors to register, surfing our WebPages it is easy as one two and three, get to know great pictures, videos, and a lot of reviews plus comments, history and precious possibilities to travel inside Latin American Countries.

For the ( Spanish Language Practice Lessons) ( Spanish Txt ):

Por alguna razon usted considera contactarnos, usar la formula proveída de arriba en Contacto o contactar y le devolveremos tan pronto sea posible a su mensaje.

Una empresa al servicio del publico de Americanas, Europeas, Asiáticas y Australianas.
Afiliados a nuestra compañía.

Todos los anunciantes y visitantes a nuestras paginas son afiliados comerciales en alguna forma, gracias a ellos nosotros seguimos creciendo y permaneceremos con la presencia en la Internet, para servirles mejor. infinitas gracias a todos.

Todos nuestros negocios son dirigidos a un publico local e internacional en general, Estados Unidos, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala, Chile, Brasil, Perú, Colombia, Republica Dominicana, Jamaica, El Salvador, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, y otros países de americana poseen muchas compañías que potencialmente pueden ser nuestras afiliadas comerciales en un futuro próximo. Nosotros como compañía Costarricense no descartamos la posibilidad de que muy pronto sellar acuerdos multilaterales en sentido comercial con variadas empresas o entidades comerciales en todo el continente Americano.

En cuanto al territorio europeo y asiático, variados países han demostrado el interior en concretar tratados comerciales con E.J.V.S.A. en el ámbito comercial de representaciones mutuas, pero nosotros no estamos preparados para ese paso de inmediato y hemos decidido esperar un tiempo provincial para cumplir esos tratados bilaterales e internacionales, básicamente con las empresas de Europa. Obviamente existen corporaciones competentes en Mexico, Panama, Canada, Brasil, Espana, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, Dallas Texas, Huston TX, Colorado, Las Vgeas Nevada con intereses en anunciarse y estar representadas en nuestras paginas de New America, cuyos acuerdos aun no se han cerrado, por motivos de seguimiento comercial.