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Chosen by best international peaceful shows as number one Latin American.

bandera de costa rica

What people watch for 4 hours, organizers take about a month or so to put this all together, so at the end everyone is happy and pleased with free entertaining online.

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Interesting reviews to share in the whole world with millions of souls who happens to love peace and democracy systems.

Young students on a Showtime Cultural national tradition, surrounded by the national flag, musical instruments typical songs.

Our pages are proof of that some of the best is online, it was taken from an alive show, the white pages with images are everywhere and also the white combines great and best with music and customs sometimes.
Parade dancing and marching fun celebrations.

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Existe mucho mas que mostrar, chicas y las chicos encuentrelo. Que belleza especial! Sabes, te gustan las fotografias? Pongalo en facebook y twitter para tus amigos en linea en New Jersey Estados Unidos EU, Los Angeles, Nueva York, Puerto Rico, Orlando y Miami en Florida, Chicago Illinois, Washington, Mexico, Espana, Colombia la Argentina Brasil.
Celebraciones, bailando y marchando

pretty white dress

( The Costa Rican flag, blue white red white & blue (Pretty and beautiful dress for a young lady) |


La bandera de Costa Rica

Blanca y Pura Descansa La Paz. La bella bandera tica y una jovencita morenita vistindo tipicamente

On the pure white is resting the peace. The beautiful Costa Rican flag and a brown young lady dressing typically.

in America

Chicos Ticos

( American young woman | Lets wait to watch "see what it is happening" the show. A local girl, boys, young boys in the park |


Los jovenes en el parque)

Esperamos Ver El Espetaculo. Hace calor y las gentes estan esperando con muchas ancias para mirar todo


dresses summer

( Boys students costumes white shirts and blue pants dress | Nice dress)

Small kids love to promote themselves, their great job on these dates. On fact they after their work go for a special photograph with a professional Photographer.|


Los cadetes 15 Sep celebrando el quince Septiembre

fun fiesta

red dresses with hats

The very sense of events like this one makes the magic on locals by reuniting them in one big group to celebrate several years living free and in democratic established system
The look forward next time when their little ones will be grown and new ones will do the job, repeatedly. The emotions spreading out countrywide every date arrival.


La fiesta en San Jose Costa Rica, los ninos con ropa tipicas, tipicos, chicas bailan con el sonido de tambores | Hat red dresses clothing
Todo es tico hoy, hasta Los colores de ropa.

The clothing dress matches the season, all are ticos today. Girls dancing in the streets.

white dresses

litle girls

Little Costa Rica ticas small ticas dress typical clothing on | Dancing with music from heavens. Tropical paradise.

Ladies white clothing dress, boys long pants typical styles |


Las chicas ticas
Bailando con la musica de el paraiso. Paraisos tropicales.

drums play tambor

Costa Rica uniforms

Boys play the drums and make music sounds, elegant uniforms for teens, national flag colors |


Los tambores

America esta de fiesta, pura vida

| Party in America. Boys playing drums, typical uniform.

girl athletic

gramma meeting, old ladies

Girls shorts when sunshine is bright, people at the street | Old ladies sitting and talking, a few gammas

A small young woman waiting for the crowd |


y chicos se dieron cita para mirar el espectaculo del quince de septiembre.

All-inclusive Boys, old ladies, grammas And girls Arrived to See the Spectacular show of the 15th of September 20014 to be seen on 2014/ 2016 2015 2017 2018 2019, grammas talking, meetings.

girl smile

mirada tica sencilla

Happy girl wear hat & white dress uniforms while gives a smile, a simple face look |


La mirada de nina

While dancing she smiles. Some smile and some just want to know more about it.
Before to do so to the whole photographic and video camera.


Sonrisa de nina, algunas sonrien y otras desean saber mas de la camara antes de hacerlo, unas chicas, la mirada curiosa.

little teens people

policia - Police

Teens like to be at the national parties. Police dept security |


Muchahas y el dept. De policia tambien la policia estuvo al cuidado de la seguridad ciudadana.

Even all the police was taking care about security. Police for order.

blue image

school students

( This little girl dress blue and light colors, she is proud when marching at the parade, school boy students also wear an uniform)
Impeccable girl with a blue dress.

Proudly children love to celebrate freedom. White colorful umbrellas, the young students went to the streets & marched for the nation. The ludicrous civically dress up, were highlighted.


Con honor los ninos Costarricenses celebran la libertad

white umbrella

a girl dresses a color red and white dress

( Digital Imaging: A you little girl stands with a long red dress, every girls has a white umbrella for sun protection parades )

All inclusive the sun came to celebrate the best. Girls on the streets with umbrellas |


Sombrillas blancas, Con coloridas sombrillas las jovenes estudiantes Desfilaron por las calles de la nacion y excibieron sus lujosos trajes tipicos. "customs"

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