Nine Lives to Accomplish a Smart Long Life

What does this title mean?

Nine Lives to Accomplish a Smart Long Life.

When we ask anyone we meet what is the thing they fear the most on their entire life, their answer is ” I don’t know”.

My family depended from my salary and income, the car payment, the electrical and water bills, food and clothing supplies, the daycare for my little baby, the private school fees for my step daughter education, the medical bills and so on, was depending from what i could make each month.
That same night after job and a lot of new things happening in my own personal and job’s life, I went to bed thinking and then to sleep asking myself what was going on?

One time only, a weird dream came to my mind while sleeping! A black cat jumped out from the road while i was driving and then i heard “boom” and then i stopped the automobile to check the road for that particular animal, but nothing was there.

Blue Eyes
Simple, a color white like the light

Kept driving and while i was making a turn to a lonely narrow road, another cat but this one was white and he or she stopped on my car’s windshield looking at me strait forward eye to eye.  Again, my vehicle received the order to stop and I went out to scare the animal away, but nothing was on the window or windshield at all.

What a rare thing happens when people worry and are confused!.
The next day on the class of toast Masters, the teacher told me Quote:  “you need to be like a cat and jump on top of everything when getting away from trouble, try to speak loud and clear because your clients need to feel that you are on control of the situation”. End the Quotes.

What is speak-up loud and make it clear while talking? In my mind came the dream from yesterday, and than I understood that i needed nine lives to survive the life’s turbulence and get ahead in the United States. A must compete against the big-ones and defeat the fear, plus must keep on the game with none a chance to lose, must speak clear American English if i wanted to survive on business int eh US.

The problem is that when you think you are alone on the road to success, others come beside you and they try to push you away from track, away from your goals.

Cute Face
Pet Cats with Green Eyes

Then, that means that I need to be like a cat with all colors and shapes, different guy all times, and happy to transmit positive thinking on my customers, make lots of money and then live smart investing on real business to make more profits.
Again, I needed nine and half lies in this life.
For sure, my kids will be more comfortable and they will grow up secure, insured with a great health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, school college education for sure, and secured.
Overcome my fears now and for ever, go out and talk to people with a loud and clear message, let’s make good to receive good things, blessing.
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