Top 10 Facebook Status Quotes Fails We DisLike & Hate

Here We Have The Top 10 Facebook Status Quotes Fails That We All Disliked & Hated The Most Because These Type of Facebook Statuses Make People Angry, Depressed,  Sickened, Sad & Annoyed! These Top Facebook friend clichés will come with perfect sample status quotes, that are found in almost everybody’s Facebook friends list!

1. I personally cannot stand The Vague Cryptic Posters who write Vaguebooking statuses such as, “I have NEVER been so mad in all of my life, I just can’t take it anymore…why does this have to happen to ONLY me?!?!…“You know who you are”.” I loathe these kinds of vague posts so much! If you don’t want to talk about whatever it is, then please just shut up. Posting these cryptic vague statuses make other Facebookers beg you to spill the beans, which you ignore all of their begging comments. Or, you end up replying to them, “Just Private Message Me” which is even more annoying! I used to ask people what was wrong and they would NEVER say a thing. But their other “closer” friends knew exactly what was up. Now, I never give them the satisfaction of commenting on those posts. If you want my sympathy …then just tell me what’s wrong. BUT, if it’s a “private” matter between you and the people closest to you, then please, BE QUIET and KEEP IT PRIVATE AMONG YOURSELVES, THEN! Ugh.

2. The Snopes Dopes or Gullible Gerties. These are the “know-it-alls” that NEVER EVER fact check anything. They just repost random information that they find online. They literally believe everything read by every “citizen journalist” on every website nobody has ever heard of, and breathlessly share the non-facts with everyone. “UFO officially sighted in Texas for REAL!”. What I do like about these status types is when someone more intelligent ends up posting Snopes articles (folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation written by conspiracy theory collectors) in the comments debunking whatever they just posted. Then the original poster of the status will either delete the post, try to excuse their spreading of urban legends by claiming Snopes is biased , or they just arrogantly go on posting other random nonfactual “facts” and ignore you completely. Grrr

3. The Gamer Geeks. Please, do not get me wrong, I play my share of Facebook games myself, at times (not every day, just when I am bored). I am talking about the Facebook gamers who constantly send you and everyone else for that matter a request for “THE MOST AWESOME GAME EVER” and are always asking for “Omg help me get to Level 42”!!! Their Facebook statuses are ONLY about…yep, you guessed it… GAMES and it is 24/7!!!! Geez, get a real life. lol

4. The Foodie Fanatics. Again I state, please don’t get me wrong…I LOVE food and am a fellow foodie too! But, come on now, why post photos of EVERY friggin thing that you friggin eat! Got Gluttony? Every single food of every single meal, of every single day…of every single week…of every single year! REALLY? Those people make me so darn Hangry (a combination of hungry and angry) at times! “Fresh liver and onions, smothered chicken, fried taters, and chocolate cake for dessert, OH YEAH BABY! YUM!!” They are also chronic recipe re posters…but instead of sharing a couple of really good recipes periodically, they post like 50 to 100 a day! Come on now, get a life. Nobody cooks that much daily…and most of Facebookers can easily find these recipes online, when NEEDED. Stop spamming da foods so often – kthanks!dislike

5. The Insatiable Selfaholics. People who change their profile pictures constantly just so other people can like & compliment them on how “fabulous and gorgeous” that they are. “I’m looking good and you know it!” or “New hair”. These people usually post the same photos, taken from different angles, wearing the same color clothing, always a close up, head tilted back and to the side, hair over shoulder, never smiling, fish-lipped (or rarely smile unless it’s an obvious FAKE one), and try to, look seductive and/or glamorous. Could you just go do something fun with your family and/or friends and have someone snap a pic or two of all of you being silly? I am pretty sure a friend of mine posts daily selfies out of fear that her friends will forget what she looks like (if she even has real friends?). How about post a pic of you doing ANYTHING but not another close up selfie with that same God-awful expression on your face GOSH!

6. The Exercise Enthusiasts. These facebookers post about every friggin workout regime, run, walk, weight-lifting, Zumba dance, pushup, Burpee, etc …and their photos are usually included too, sweat and all! You are losing weight. Good for you, that is AWESOME! Yep, you KNOW who you are. lol! But, please, try not to post EVERY friggin ounce you lose, every exercise you do, etc. For example, “I did over 3000 steps on my pedometer today!” or “I just ran a 8 miles this morning!” “I need to do a liver and colon cleanse asap” “carbohydrates are very unhealthy, you should only eat an entire cow or skinless chicken every day.” Some of us are vegan, and we are grossed out hearing about your bodily insides *guts* too, okay? I will eat what I want to, and exercise when I darn well please. And, some of those organic smoothies you pictured are nasty-looking! BLECH!! These type pf people are usually Monsanto Warriors too, the ones who are super hyped about gmo’s, pesticides, hormones, toxins, etc. “Eat ONLY organic or YOU WILL SURELY DIE soon!” wtf ?

7. The Manic Mothers (dads too, but not usually in this matter). Nothing wrong with being a Momma at all, us Moms rock and YES, our children are adorable! But, do you really need to post 9,892,653 incessant photos and statuses of your babies and kids all day long?  “Isn’t my little man the cutest you ever did see?!” No, mine is. LOL “WOW, my baby Sophia is rolling over!” 🙂 Um, yeah. They are not doing anything exceptional, unless you consider watching television, pooping, napping, and eating exceptional. These moms have her kids in AT LEAST 30 strange activities, and they’re only on Thursdays. Her posts and pics are the weirdest aren’t they? Also, an “eating food for the first time” picture is cute, or eating cake on their birthday, but if parents need to bombard their fellow Facebook friends with photo after photo, please clean that dried up pukey-orange crap off of their face Ewww! lol! We get it, you love your kids A LOT. But seriously, please tone it down some. The rest of the world is not even remotely as infatuated with your kids as you are, I promise. 🙂

8. How about The OverSharers? These are the Facebook posters who post about 100 times a day about every little thing that happens. They check in everywhere they go and let you know exactly what they are doing and where they are, at ALL times.. “I found a penny” – at Walmart. “Better get a lotto ticket!” – at 7-Eleven. “I’m hungry, time for lunch!”-at McDonald’s “Child has the sniffles, hope it’s not a cold.”-at Doctor Who’s office. “Drinking coffee”-at Starbucks. “I cannot find my scissors”-at Home “I think I’ll read a book”-at Library “I’m running low on milk, oh no!”-in my Kitchen. “Just pooped” -in the baño at mi casa. – OMG no one cares, seriously… TOO MUCH INFO!! “Ate a Snicker bar” -in my car at corner of 5th & Main St. You get the idea…YIKES!

9. The Debbie Downers are the ones who are always fishing for attention by constantly griping about their so-called lives.  “My life sux! FML 🙁 “They constantly complain about EVERY minor inconvenience and literally take everything in their lives 100% personally. They are the “emo” friends that never have anything going good in their life and just want you to feel sorry for them and wallow in their pity with them. They always claim to need reassurance that people are reading their posts too…you know ” re-post this in 10 seconds and you will have good luck”, or “no one ever reads my wall”, and then there will be 20 their friends who just can’t resist an attempt to alleviate all of that negativity and depressing insecurity. If you do comment, they keep going ON and ON and ON…a never-ending cycle. – Hmmm.

10. The ‘Serious’ Sellers usually have lots of ‘friends’ up to the 5000 friend limit. lol! In their mind, every Facebook friend is a potential customer and they constantly post photos of houses for sale new perfume and jewelry collections, give gushing testimonials about this unbelievable new household item/makeup/essential oil. They only message you to sell something, and is suddenly your bff. Most of what they are selling are knock-off items Made In China. “WHAT A DEAL!!!!” Funny example, is one girl I went to school with had unfriended me on Facebook last year, but attempted to add me again because she is selling Plexus! I went ahead and accepted her “friendship” again in spite of myself, because she sent me a private message saying, “I accidentally defriended u, it was not on purpose”. But, I did unfollow her newsfeed posts, however. Fitness drinks and capsules are just not my thing, and never will be – To each their own!  Try eBay, or make a Facebook PAGE or GROUP, instead of using your actual profile folks! smh.lol_facebook_status

Yeah, I guess I will go and see how many “friends” have un-friended me after reading this article, I bet at least 50 people, especially women. Apparently, I needed to weed some of them out anyways, huh?! lol Funny thing is, I am just as guilty as many of them. Also, I could have easily made this a Top 20 article, I left out a lot. It’s okay to post any or all of these every once-in-a-while. That’s what some of us are there for… To have a ‘sounding board,’ a place to vent, and get support and feedback from whoever cares enough to read our Facebook posts, but everything should be in balance. What types of Facebook friends do you have, any like mine mentioned above? Which annoys you the most – any at all …or maybe you fit in one, a few, or all of these categories? 🙂