DIY Concrete Patio Ideas & How To Make Cement Patio

Have you been wanting or needing to find the best tutorial for
putting in a cobblestone style concrete pathway, patio, or driveway?
Concrete cement is just now becoming the way of the future in North America, but always has been popular in Central and South America because of the economical value. As concrete gets more popular, there will be more and more tutorials out there. But this one is the top best DIY concrete patio or pathway and you should start it soon because it is NOT difficult, and is so attractive for any home! I Love It A LOT! Concrete patios and walkways are more durable than actual stone, easier to make, and cost LESS than do-it-yourself patios made of brick or natural stone! Here is what you will need to make your very own homemade DIY Cement Patio, depending on how big your concreted area will be:

* One 2’x2′ Quikrete Mold at Lowe’s Home Improvement. I also found some molds on eBay and Amazon. They usually cost about $20, mine was $15.99 on sale …depend on what you buy. 🙂
* 80 lb. or 100 lb. bags of cement mix (We used Portland brand ).
* Bottles of dark liquid cement color, or the cheaper powder kind works too, according to my Aunt Martha!
* A small shovel or spade.
* A wheelbarrow or other mixing container…or maybe consider renting a portable concrete mixer from your local hardware supplier if making a huge patio area or driveway.
* Water and sand (sand if using it in your concrete mixture only).
*Protective gear of rubber boots, GLOVES, long-sleeved shirt, pants, and safety glasses.
* A Darby, bull float or any well-made steel finishing trowel to achieve a smooth texture. Also, an edger might be needed.


First, you will need to decide where you will be placing your cool cobblestone-looking concrete pathway and/or patio. After doing so, remove all grass by the roots and all rocks, etc. Secondly, you will be placing the form to plan out the design, and where the concrete should be placed at. Mix a large 80 – 100 pound bag of concrete mix with water. Also, one bag of cement per mold. Our mold was about 2′ by 2′. We decided to add some dark liquid cement color to match our existing rocks (charcoal shade). Or, if tight on money, a great savings tip would be to buy black powder instead of the liquid color. After pulling the mold off, you can either shake some black powder over the molded cement or just put some on your hand (wear gloves though!) and lightly rub your hand over the wet cobblestones. This will cover the part you want to see, not all of the cement. My Aunt Martha tried this, and hers has lasted 12 years now without fading at all! I only used the liquid because I found a good deal on it at Home Depot, and had also used coupons WHILE they were on sale. They are usually $9 – $10 a bottle, mine were $4.50/bottle. I think there is also some spray on color, but not sure about that though. One ten ounce (10 fl oz) bottle is just enough for one large bag of cement mix. DIY_concrete_cement_pathway_concrete_patioNow, place your concrete inside the frame and be sure that there are no air pockets whatsoever. Smooth it out and put extra concrete back into the bucket. After lifting the frame, round the stones so they resemble natural looking rocks. Slide the cutting edge of an edger tool along the concrete stone forms to round over the edges, making them much less likely to chip.
If you come to a tight area where you have to turn or like above you don’t have enough room for a whole mold, then just push your mold down in the area and dig into the last molded area. It just changes the shape a little bit, but keeps it all symmetrical still! Some people even place an old sheet of plywood on the ground and fill 2 of the molds at a time with concrete and leave them for about 30 minutes to dry (using fast setting concrete), then move them into place.
Keep repeating until you have your perfectly gorgeous homemade DIY cobblestone concrete patio or pathway. Lay some plastic sheeting over the finished concrete patio surface to assist the curing process, which takes 2 days. The moisture trapped inside will make it where there is NO NEED to water the concrete during the curing stage. We made a patio in the backyard, and we used a total of eight bags of cement and four total bottles of charcoal dark liquid cement. Out patio is seriously so cute that we get compliments from EVERYONE and it still is looking spectacular after 2 years! We are currently making one in the front yard, then next will be the driveway (but with a different molding), diy_handmade_concrete_patioDIY cement patio table tops, DIY concrete patio furniture and DIY concrete counter tops too …we sure are loving this concrete business, why didn’t I know about this BEFORE!!  I just love the molding pattern shape that I used for the back because it looks so natural, but I might get another for the front and the driveway, just for FUN! DIY Home decorating has really reached a whole new level in Century 21. 🙂 Be sure to follow my blog so you won’t miss my other DIY projects!