The last thing you want to do is to checkout at the cashier and pay with the dollars that you might need for something else more important.
The checkout is the place where people who were shopping at a phisical store near me or an online store with a large amount of shipping ressources to ship you your shoppig products. But, think twice before hitting the button checkout onlie, and make sure that money is totally free of conditions like did you already paid the watter bill? whata bout the electrical bill, is that one already paid, when was the last time you went grocery shopping to the supermarket? Don’t buy what you never is going to use, or better said, what you don’t need.
The checkout is the final shopping destination and millions did their shopping and paid with a credit card because they did not have cash flow free of charges and now, they are ouside down on their finances.
The cash out is when you or me take all the cash money out from our pockets, the wallet, your purse ladies.
To pay the cashier at the checkout or to pay with Cradit cards or Paypal online, means that we are shopping online and we are just bored at home, so maybe we should go window shop for a bit and tehn return home without spending the money that we need to save and send our children to study at college, or savings to invest on a house.