The Shop I Love To Shop

Just like my sister used to say, “the shop I love to visit and buy things when I have money”. The paycheck did not last that much longer, money is never for ever and it disappears in front of your eyes, it doesn’t matter how much you spent and how much you saved when shopping at the shop stores.
Sometimes people find themselves with their storage so full of stuff they bought years ago and they never use those items. A real waste of money and important resources for their private economy.
Not a curiosity but, how many times did you post items for sale online to an pp, to Ebay, to Etsy USA or just on the Facebook market place?. Not to continue annoying you but, how much money you lose that way through out your life?.
The money that is in your hands today is never the same money in your hands tomorrow if you don’t save your salary for the future.
Stopping the spending when they aren’t necessary spending like buying food, clothing for the children, or very relevant items to use immediately and live confortable. You are what you have available right now, then keep your money and be safe.