A Master Key of Life

A master key of life for me to be confident, strong, and capable always comes down to physical and mental exercise. I honestly did not get this far in my life because I just needed happiness really bad.
One day, I realized that the mindset and mental gains are what this life journey is all about for me.

Master Key of Life is the Master Skeleton Key of Body Movement aka EXERCISE & Mind Movement too!

There are days that I would rather just stay indoors all day napping, watching TV, eating junk food, reading, browsing the internet, you name it. There are dark days where life itself is not enough to motivate or inspire me to carry on. But when I remind myself how good I will feel if i exercise versus how guilty and crappy I will feel if I do not, then I will feel it somehow becomes a lot easier to look at the big picture and push past my excuses. Once you build a habit of pushing past excuses, you will literally be unstoppable! Lately I have been really focusing on shifting from feelings of lack and fear to feelings of abundance and trust. One way I see lack mentality show up in my life is in regards to time…gawwwdd I despise that feeling! I often just feel like there is not enough time or that I have so many demands on my time that I do not have space to just enjoy my time. I have worked a lot on my lack of mindset in regards to money and I feel like I had some great improvements in that area but the time thing, gosh it’s sooo darn hard, but not impossible. What else can I do besides remind myself that 1. I’m always right on time. 2. Time is a made up concept and should not be allowed to control me. 3. Things unfold as they should in their own perfect and divine timing. 4. I am staying consistent with my personal development and I know that I can make the shift! So, today I did a 25 minute workout and ONLY 15 minutes of Yoga, and am feeling like a victory queen! Gots to carry on with LIFE, since life goes on anyway and the ability of maintaining mind and body movement is the master skeleton key to ultimate living fulfillment!