The Old Crenshaw Slave House IS Haunted !

Yes, the Old Crenshaw Slave House IS Haunted For Real ! The Old Crenshaw house aka The Old Slave House located in Southern Illinois between the small towns of Equality and Junction of  Gallatin County was built around 1838, I believe, and it once belonged to a greedy man named John Crenshaw. He kidnapped free black people, created fake documents for them, and then he sold them in an underground railroad to Southern Slavery. He also forced them to “breed” more children so could could make even more money selling their children. You could scratch out a house with the white picket fence symbols as being the American Dream but as a symbolism of an Americanized torture palace!

The Crenshaw Haunted House in Southern Illinois

The State of Illinois bought this house and property in 2001 for a half a million dollars, but cannot afford to do anything with it, not even to make it into a Historical Museum, so it just sits there decaying and abandoned. It was a tourist destination for many years, until it was closed to the public in 1996.

I was there for a tour when it was still open in the late 1980s. I am not sure of the exact year, maybe 1985 or 1986? Anyway, I was there with my mother, aunt, brother, and two cousins (we were younger pre-teens, like about 12 or 13 years old). I felt very unsettled from the very beginning of the tour, but just assumed it was because of the history of the property, the sense of the suffering that happened there. When we were taken upstairs of the second set of stairs to the third floor or large attic floor where the boarded up breeding room or rooms and where the slaves were held captive….this is where things became quite creepy for real, well for me and my brother and cousins, that is!

An Abandoned Ball and Chain on the 3rd Floor of The Old Slave House or Old Crenshaw House

It all of a sudden became very chilly even though it was a hot day. I kept hearing the chains rattle, even though nobody was near them. The windows became fogged, and when I tried to wipe them to look outside, they would not clear up at all, and I could see the figure of an elderly bearded black man with a hat on in the corner of the room (like a dark shadow), while my cousin, Leslie, tried to peek through a crack in the wall (to the breeding area that was boarded up and off-limits) and she shined her little key chain flashlight into a crack to get a good look. She exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, I can see benches covered in splashes of blood in there!!” and as soon as she said this, a dominant male voice shouted from the other side of the wall, “GET OUT NOW!!!”. After we heard this voice, an ice cold wind blew out hair, and I got goosebumps big time! For some reason, only me, my brother, and my cousins heard the voice and felt that cold wind and the chills before, and only I saw the dark figure in the corner and heard the chains rattle (I was glad they both also heard the shouting voice, to prove to me it was not my imagination, or that i was crazy )…and we begged Mom and Aunt Linda to leave that place right then! They agreed, but only because they were HOT (nope, they did not feel the chill for real!). The place closed down soon afterwards. I remember an offer of money, like $10,000, if someone stayed the night there? HECK NO! I wonder if anyone really did stay over there for the cash, like Ghost Hunters or Paranormal Investigators? If you or anyone you know had ANY experiences on or near this property, or could give more details about the history of what happened there, then feel free to comment below, thank you!
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