Ludwig van Beethoven Biography Facts Of Life

Birthplace being in Bonn, Germany, the famous Songwriter, Pianist and Composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, was born in struggle of a life, and had quite a few, if not many, reasons why he would have a disagreeable personality that would make anyone roll over and play dead. One huge reason for this would be that his dad was an chronic alcoholic that was so mean and strict that he psychologically and physically abused Beethoven during his whole childhood since the day he was born on December 1770 (the day of his actual Birthday is unknown). According to the Ludwig van Beethoven Biography in Bio True Story on the website Biography dot com, his father beat him for each and every hesitation or mistake while teaching his son to play music. Beethoven was also physically and mentally abused by being flogged, locked in the cellar and deprived of much needed sleep as a baby and a little boy. Beethoven was found to be dyslexic, and he dropped out of school at a very young age of ten in 1781. Then in 1787 when he was only young teen of fifteen years old, his Mom died, which caused Beethoven to go into a very deep depression…and his Father’s alcoholism only continued to get worse, too. Up until 1800, the younger Beethoven studied music and played piano for audiences,

Music is a higher revelation than philosophy. – Beethoven Quote

and then he began composing songs too. In secret he was going deaf, but he was ashamed for anyone to know and he avoided most conversations with people. Some even say that Beethoven had severe social anxiety, and was possibly Autistic. By 1802 Beethoven gave up performing in public, but he continued to compose. In 1801, he wrote letters to his two Brothers and to friends about his deafness (yes, Beethoven was deaf ) and wrote to one close friend, “I must confess that I lead a miserable life. For almost two years I have ceased to attend any social functions, just because I find it impossible to say to people: I am deaf.” Beethoven often considered committing suicide because of chronic abdominal pain beginning in his early 20’s, probably caused by ulcers. Surprisingly, he became an alcoholic which would have made that much worse! However, he continued composing the best music during these years, regardless of his struggles with alcohol, depression and anxiety , which explains why you can hear the struggle of life in his music. By 1814, Beethoven was almost totally deaf and he used conversation books to communicate, but only to close friends and family, which included his wife, Therese Obermayer. Later they were divorced. So, he continued having major depression and emotional problems up until his roll over and die type of death at the young age of 56 in 1827.

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. – Beethoven Quote

Unfortunately, Beethoven died from major liver damage from his very heaving drinking. Beethoven’s grave is located at Vienna Central Cemetery in Vienna, Austria. I would say like father like son, except that I do not believe that Ludwig abused anyone since the closest person in his young life had been his wife who made him feel joyful enough to write her a nice love letter and to quote, Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman.” Also, they had no children, and they lived in a Romantic Era (aka Romanticism ) …besides, him being an abuser to anyone was never mentioned in any history records. Regardless, Beethoven wrote two of the best-known compositions in classical music which were Symphony 5 , Symphony 7 and his unfinished Ninth Symphony 9 ( No 5 is more popular in today’s opera symphonies worldwide). Beethoven remains one of the most famous of all music composers who have ever been born! There is a famous song titled Roll Over Beethoven by both, The Beatles and by Chuck Berry. Therefore, Beethoven might have had a terrible and short life of suffering on this earth, but his inspiration and legacy will last until the end of time! Here are the Roll Over Beethoven lyrics and chords by The Beatles ( Chuck Berry also had a version):
Well gonna write a little letter
Gonna mail it to my local DJ
It’s a rocking little record
I want my jockey to play
Roll over Beethoven
Gotta hear it again today.

You know my temperature’s rising
And the jukebox blows a fuse
My heart beating rhythm
While my soul keeps singing the blues
Roll over Beethoven
And tell Tchaikovsky the news

I got a rocking pneumonia
I need a shot of rhythm and blues
I think I caught it off the writer
Sittin’ down by the rhythm reviews
Roll over Beethoven
We’re rockin’ in 2 by 2.

Well if you feel it and like it
Well get your lover and reel and rock it
Roll it over and move on up
Just triffle further and reel and rock it
Roll it over
Roll over Beethoven
A rocking in 2 by 2 – ewwww…

Well, early in the morning
I’m a giving you the warning
Don’t you step on my blue suede shoes
Hey diddle diddle
I’ll play my fiddle
Ain’t got nothing to lose
Roll over Beethoven
And tell Tchaikovsky the news.

You know she wiggles like a glow worm
Dances like a spinning top
She’s got a crazy partner
Oughta see them reel and rock
Long as she’s got a dime
The music will never stop
Roll over Beethoven
Roll over Beethoven
Roll over Beethoven
Roll over Beethoven
Roll over Beethoven
Dig to these rhythm and blues.