Abandoned Mine In Alaska

So, I have been in some scary places near me several times in my life, but must say this abandoned mine in Alaska has got to be the creepiest place I have ever gone to, it beat all of the scariest places, I was terrified and I am not even easy to scare! I actually love horror movies.

Scary Places Near Me

But, this mineshaft even has the ones in the video games GTA 5 and Minecraft beat, handsdown. How to not get lost in an abandoned mineshaft you ask? DO NOT GO INSIDE! Besides being the spookiest, this old gold mine might be the largest mine in Alaska that I have ever seen.

How to not get lost in an abandoned mineshaft? DO NOT GO INSIDE!

It is an old mine with mining tracks all around it. And the buildings are so old as it gets..very old mildewed concrete and rusted steel. There was no one around just old abandoned giant machines and the steel platforms they were sitting on. Not just one machine but at least a dozen of them. Huge grates on the floors with deep holes in them so you can see a big drainage under the building. Yeah I’m not scared easily at all, but that place creeped me out. The sun was fading and it was beginning to get dark and a guy showed up out of the blue and said it was a big no no to be there, that they got cameras watching you like Big Brother, um, what did they not want me to see? Are the pulverizing humans in there? Could it be there is more going on there than sand.. why the big pit out there, very weird stuff at that gold mine place in the middle of nowhere Alaska – Beware! There’s No gold in them there mines, just jeepers creepers. A deserted city of mystery.