Waking Up The Old Dreams

One day john heard several little birds singing right near the bedroom window at some place located on the Caribbean where he lives.

Bobby the fisher dog
The old man’s friend

John woke up confused because he had a terrible dream and there was no clear thoughts in his mind if these dreams were true or his mind created them overnight.

After a rough night, the old man stepped out of the bed and realized that he was living on a safe place where millions worldwide wanted to be on vacations and his dream was just a set of worries as it always happens.
He went straight to the bathroom to take a quick shower and then to prepare the breakfast, two crackers and a cup of coffee from high lands in Costa Rica.
After the regular schedule was done, the old man who was a retired American from Pennsylvania, came over to spend his free time as an expat.  Went fishing with a fishing cane and a dog who’s name was Bobby.

of course, they both love to spend time together and walk far away to the river.

A man who loves to be alone and free

John got Bobby when he was a month old puppy at the local store for free, then after that, he kept buying doggy food to feed him and keep it for as long he lives.
A local journalist asked a few questions to the American retiree about why he loves to be far away from the home land and his answers weren’t no where near the reasonable sense.
He answered, who cares, I want to die here and that actually is my very problem, who cares.
Then the Journalist asked him if he had any family or relatives back at home. Again, John’s answers where kind of crazy when he answered, who is more important, me or them, probably they are already all dead. He kept replying over and over, I had family, a sister of 90 years old and my a cousin age 45 years, but this happened 20 years ago.
My dog and I are happy doing what we want, that’s my best story, my dream in life.

The professional news man, asked again, so you are happy in this forest with wild life and little food? The old man answered, “sure, as long nobody bothers, and I’m free to go where I want.
My dream is to stay away from the U.S Government for ever. And, he left.