My Dog Is My Life

Julian was an older man who spent all his wonderful years fishing at the river a few miles away from his country cabin in South Florida.
During his twenties, he worked as a taxi drivers and made a couple bucks for his retirement age arrival. Now Julian found out that never married and having kids was a huge mistake because he started to feel lonely for first time.

Johnathan  was his closer neighbor and he did have eight grand children and a few married daughters. The Friend I Always Wanted Photos
Precisely every time that neighbor family got together to celebrate 4th of July and happy Christmas time, the new year, Julian felt he was going nuts and started to cry in the bedroom of his cabin.
One day, our star decided to go downtown and get a dog after checking local classifieds and finding someone was giving away a nice male pet.

The dog looks good for his company and never feel again the terrible lonely that usually comes in our older years.
Julian got it and name it “Pepe the Great”

My Dog The German Shepherd
A German Shepherd great friend

A healthy and free of parasites German Shepherd. He and Pepe went to the drive thru store and purchase a huge dog food bag to eat at home.
This was one of the kind story where they both finished sharing their bedroom because the dog slept at the bed bottom and when six in the morning was arriving the dog jumped Julian’s side and leaked his face until he waken up.
The German Shepherd dog knew his role at home was taking care of the old man. Then they both went for a nice breakfast together and then to fish all day long, bringing a few fish to the table everyday, to eat.
Check the old’s man best friend on times when America’s Indians lived by the mountains house by the prairie!.
As no other friend couple, this one finished very happy till one day a crocodile came the yard and took the dog one afternoon, a few days after the old man left the earth too and now the cabin looks lonely and sad at Florida forest, the bunnies. Sad but true, my dog is my best friend ever, and I hope he lives many more years.