Travel Adventures to Volcano Central America

Costa Rica Travel Adventures to Volcano

The Americas area of Central America or North America has lots of volcanoes and some are sleeping and others are awake and making eruptions for a while.
Costa Rica has several on mountain ranges that hold about twenty of those fire mountains, some just easy to watch and others only at night when their flashlights are noticeable out of the ocean waters at the countries coastlines and from the beach.. The location for now is not important, but the facts are that 80% of tourism worldwide want to face one of these giants and say “I seen a volcano active, I seen lava like file, hot lava”.

Making a trip for vacations really worth it the money amount the tourists pay for that wonderful experience. Visiting nature’s best sites in Costa Rica and connecting with local tours to amazing places are also important to consider. The trips are unbelievable and this is why people spend a minimum of two week on their Costa Rica vacations when they travel abroad. Natural allows us to watch real-time on site and for those who can’t afford to gateway and travel now, they can watch this video. of an active famous volcano called “volcano Irazu with a big crater and lagoon)”.

Irazu Green lagoon

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Some travelers share their experience with others on the social websites that everybody know already, and some others just want to go and discover the details and facts. The adventure to stay on a hotel or cabin near to a downtown mall makes for them things much accessible and easy to go shopping or visiting local amusement places near and dining at seafood, Italian dinner or perhaps to watch a show at the National Theater. Another picture of the Irazu:

Fire landscape

For some tourism visitors, and even for locals these are reasons why travel is impressive and fun. A volcano that has millions of years of age and still alive, a nose where the planet breathes, throws-out ashes and fire, gas chemicals with mix water, red and white lava. It is the most exclusive show that we can appreciate from mother nature.
We are sharing with you this precious legacy, what Central American countries have.
An adventures for ecotourism and the visitor must be healthy to be able of enjoying it in full.
The location of this wonder Irazu volcano is inside of the National Park with same name, i guess, at 24 square kilometres to square miles 9.26645, 3,432 meters or in miles 2.1325459 height, the diameter 1050 meters, 20 species plants and growing, 30 species of wild life birds. ( Travel near inside landscape lodge, lodges and hotels close to Irazu in country in Costa Rica).

The outstanding waterfall near Arenal volcano’s cone area.
People can enjoy it when they are returning home, plus they can shower free style on the pot of water. (Photos:

Green waterfall

The image shows beautiful waterfall and visitors swimming free style with clothes on and backpack. The water dropping down the water pot from a green mountain natural.
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Fresh water waterfalls

Photos about red hot lava flowing out from Arenal Volcano ( lava emanates from from it’s crater).
The spectacular nature views of an active fire mountain, the hot lava eruptions from volcano Arenal int he North Costa Rica.
Compare: Photo images side by side, and find differences in between them, notice any differences?

Arenal Volcano

So far, the most excitement moments are to look the red hot lava out from the volcanoes cones.

Eruptions, volcano activity

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