A Giant Death

Death Of Silicon Valley, California Network Giants

What security means for the online users, the stock market investor buying stocks and the crash of Face Book social network website itself. The death of a Silicone Valley´s giants.
The beginning of Face Book was smooth and full of excitement, the falling of FB is going to be a horrifying process for all of those investors and addicted users who could´t take their eyes away from their mobile device or computer screens while looking over and over what their close friends were saying and doing online, or at their workplace, homes, travel places, and sharing their uploaded short videos.

The Giant Face Book

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When a little company goes bankruptcy, their dept is short, and the majority of times the legal name disappeared leaving a cloud of bill to pay with no hope for beneficiaries to collect it ever.
But, in the case of FBs, the earthquake was ans it’s going to be huge and broken the principal pillars that were holding their fortune.
The social network giant is hurt and slowly is falling down to the ground leaving lots of losers and winners alone the road online.
Regardless of what Mr. Zuckerbergs said and made his top ” I promised”, people won’t trust him and his social platform ever again because they got several opportunities to fix the trust issues and they never improved.
Let’s go slow and recalling step by step of what was the cause of the failure of face-book corporation and their first loss of money with incredible amounts that you and me will not have ever, even if we steal moneys from the nearest bank.
CambridgeAnalytica is the worm that killed the giant and money and greediness is the drive against people using the platform Face Book as users with their profiles and private information that supposed to be protected by a secure system on place known as face-book’s data and privacy policies.
Famous personalities of the political U.S landscape went to hire CambridgeAnalytica applications to build targeted ads during the 2016 United States election, the funnel filtered and analyzed by harvesting data from almost 60 million Face-book users without their consent and permission.
An amount of $65 billion USD is just the beginning of the total to get wiped-off their bank account.
Face-book founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg will cry with dry eyes when sitting at a chair by the managing desk and checking his remaining dollars totally gone and with debts to pay off first.
This could be perfectly the payoff for so many small business website that went off business worldwide and they lost all the little they had to fed their families.

Mr. MarkZuckerbergs wife better have a stash of cash put away just in case this nightmare becomes true.
He is discovering that his company is going to be regulated by the Federal government agency and the chicken with the golden eggs is gone away.
Meet friends and be happy while we scan your private information and sell it to the best buyer online Face-book makes lots of money to your expenses and you keep posting all your privacy for the entire world to profit on your stuff.
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The stock holders and advertiser companies and agencies are also quitting their daily doing business under agreement with FB.
If Goo-glePlus social platform will replace the Silicone Valley and FB giant, we don’t even guess it, but some place is better for the users thought hope online is better than nothing to cover-up the emptiness left by Face Book website.
An antitrust regulation practically can destroy a company like Micro-soft and it will do the same to FB.
Separating their applications like Instagram and WhatsApps is a need to be done from yesterday.
Meantime we suggest to all worldwide face-book for users to go ahead and download all their properties as personal photos, posts, information of their close friends and relatives, known as personal FB data and taking a long break away from face-book or even better will be to delete it entirely account information before it becomes unstable and it is too late.
The amount of unsatisfied users is considered already as a largest exodus ever an online social network faced in it’s history. Money goes and comes, but in this case it is going faster.
When the company generated over $40 billion in revenue in year 2017, with a capitalization near $500 billion and with massive stock sell-off that climbed year
after year to the point that the giant wanted more to please their stock holders at the stock market.
Final signs of falling are seen on 2019 and the sound is huge left like a comet on the skies.
The crash will be imminent and another social website with a more fair network security will appear to serve everyone who wants to be part of the already socialized educated number of users now on.

Today, the network company appeared with the news about a privacy page located on the website´s front page with new rules for users to go and accept it, like trying to erase the huge mistake already made.
You better watch these giants from United States because the higher they go, the harder they fall. The next could be the big corporation Goo-gle, also located in California.