Men and Women Wear Pants

The word “trousers” as an English name for the famous American piece of clothing called “pants” have already passed away, because no body wants to know about the different in between what a man should wear to go work, to go practice sports, to wear when riding a horse etc, and what a woman should wear on day out, to her job, or for a dance etc.
The price for a pair of pants by this year is no way comparable with the price on the bronze metal age in North Europe or UK at that time.

sketch of a simple pair of pants

The beginning of the 20’s women started to figure it out that it was for them to wear pants when they went to vacations with their husbands but they should adjust their pants to look way short than their husbands pants who had to have pants from their hips to their shoes. And so, the ladies today are totally incorporated to wear pieces of clothing that men wear too without a worry from people’s comments anymore like many years ago. Save money by shopping today!
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Pants made from cotton are the most expensive on the American market, and mixed materials made pants and shorts are located in the middle of pricing in compare with others with a cheap value and made in China or Singapore.
These days companies manufacturing pieces of clothing around the world mainly concentrated on manufacturing T-shirts, shorts and pants to catch on with the consumer flow in The United States and European nations. Billions of pants pairs get delivered to the US, Mexico, Brazil incoming merchandise ports every week and still not enough. Clothes for men, kids and women really move economies, keeping manufacture busy producing new trends to please consumers.
The name brands come and go and some remain solid and stable. Those names you already know and based on the name brand the price cost goes up and down too.

We are glad that we have clothes to wear. We buy our pants and t-shirts at the Americana store, because the price is lower than the half over-there and I think it is imported from rich countries “said a poor child on the streets of mexico one time”. this opinion proves that when someone buys clothing for their personal wear and then, they decide that it is too old or perhaps they seen another cute style on a store window, then they give away the old clothes and purchase the new one, and at the end someone like that kid benefits from the business.