How To Activate Dreams While Sleeping

For centuries people have being having dreams that looked real no mater what corner other analyzed these dreams after told to them.

The Bird with Pink
What if you seeing pink birds, what that means?

Even the person who was having such a dreams was convinced that they were real or at least, they will happen in the near future.

Lets take for instance the “Genesis 41”  Egypt Pharaoh’s Dreams and one of those was the “ugly skinny cows ate up the seven fat cows” the Jewish young man with the name of Joseph, who explain clearly about what will be happening soon.

Some other times when many of us dreamed something that we did not like, then we prefer not to become true ever and then we call it nightmares.

Who can tell with certain science and explain it to the public, how positive or negative these fantastic dreams are and why people have then all the times.

Have you ever seen a baby sleeping and showing sings of dreaming, baby dreams!.

Remember, eating one hour or so depending of the person’s digestion before sleeping can trigger the human mind to start developing fantasies and therefore wonderful images and dreams like a film while sleeping.

Also, worrying to much amount bills to pay, about the future, developing fears and feeding them inside our lives, really prevent people from resting their brains while sleeping by having horrible nightmares base on a worry.

the rich fears about losing without control their rich castles and properties, investments and cash on the financial banking chain and institutions. The rich won’t ever reach the peace of mind to rest at night. They fear of someone stealing their treasures and killing them. They have horrible dreams day and night.

The poor fears about not being able to bring food to the home table and feeding their babies, kids and sending their song and daughter to college for an education, and so, these kids won’t be so needy or poor like their parents. Like this, these poor people suffering or struggling for a simple piece of bread to eat today and forget about tomorrow. They have horribly nightmares too.

People can predict the near future by simple analyzing their dreams? The answer relies on God’s hands, and when I say this, it is because it is more than real.
Dreams are an open God’s channel to communicate with men and women and provide them with answers, solutions for their lives.

i mean, the meaning of guiding the perfect man, the perfect dream with lots of sense and clear messages. Tell you that not everybody can talk about this, only a few and they are between all of US somewhere in this earth.

Dreaming with fortune is a desire, a weakness of people who pretend to be powerful among many weak and ignorant followers, people who want to become famous or are famous wont have healthy dreams, they fear never achieving their sick goals in their life and that’s why they will be having nightmares. Horrible people never trust others as they don’t trust themselves.

News always are mostly bad news and that is how advertisers love to pay for their ads while others watch this terrifying letters and voices, these all carry people to have uncertain dreams, base of fear and worrying.

maybe kids should watch funny videos about pets and babies, watching colorful good stories with colorful themes are the best for them to grow secure. Children need to learn about love and loving to become good citizens.