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The following drama scripts are between a unwed single mother teenage drama queen and her drama queen mother who recently spit from her hubby and is considering letting him back into her life. Her teen daughter wants nothing of this, and is very upset with her mother! The teen girl’s name is Maci, and her mom is named Jayde.
Maci to her Mom:  I really can’t believe the stuff that is going on right now! How are you going to sit up and trash talk your “husband” her kicked us out on the streets only 7 months ago, and now want to be with him again?! He told you to choose either me or him, or kicking us BOTH out, and him not caring that we both were crying…and I was pregnant and 16 ! Then after only 7 months of him leaving, you beg for this loser to come back knowing your daughter does NOT want to live with him let alone even look at him. What a show you are, saying you choose your kid over him and that you love your grand-child sooo much.

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I am totally done. This is not to even mention all of the times he kicked you out when you two were living together. How controlling he was with only allowing you to go to you Grandma Blaer’s home once a week, to the store for only 30 minutes at a time, and to Doctor’s appointments only. You weren’t even allowed to hangout with me, your own daughter, when you wanted to or EVER for that matter! How can you forget?! But, whatever makes you happy, I guess. You are going to give up all your family and everyone up for this one terrible controlling man, John!
Jayde:  First off, I am an adult and I would never hurt or disrespect my children or grand-daughter. I have done nothing wrong whatsoever. I am still legally married to John, even though we have been separated for 7 months. It is my marriage, regardless of other people’s opinions that do not count anyway. I will never and have never chosen anybody over my own kids. The fact that I want to talk to my husband is my choice to make. I still love my husband and to be happy again should be something that those who truly care about me would understand and really want that for me. If anybody feels that me wanting to speak to my husband is in the wrong then you can direct it to me. My kids have my whole heart and there is nothing on earth I would not do for them. I have a life that has to be lived also. This is not a competition to who cares the most about the other. I will not push my kids out of my life. And, I will talk to my husband, John, regardless of how others feel about it. I’m not doing any of this to upset anyone I am human as everybody else is. Being real to myself and others too as for being fake never have been I did things out of hurt anger and even said things as well bout my husband and spoke to others too cause I was alone all bottled up no where to go and in the end i will still have the same amount Of love for my kids as always.

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Opinions come and go, and for you to take my grand-daughter from me to never see again is so horrible to think of. I can’t even imagine my life with out her or you, but if you think this is the answer to solve your anger towards me then I suppose that will be totally on your end. I have been the one who has had your back, kept you safe, and never gave up on you . If you choose to distance yourself and my grand-daughter from me because I am wanting to speak to John, then I have no choice than to accept that. If there’s a chance for us to work things out, nobody should say anything. Don’t say I’m giving my family up! And, John disrespecting your dad in front of my son was never a disrespect at all. He simply said he would never have the drama your dad brings all the time to our house as he always did. I find it to be comical that you are talking and acting like your dad, Sean, who kicked you out, calling you bad names and wanting nothing more to do with when you told him you were pregnant last year.
Maci:   Wow, mom…you really are something always having to make yourself look like you have done nothing wrong and are sooo 100% perfect. You where not just having a conversation with John, and you know that as well as I was BEGGING him to come move back in with you, knowing all the things he has already done and said to your kids, you, and your family!!!!! You sitting on the phone for several hours begging John to move back in IS choosing him over your family regardless of what you have to say, and you know it is! Especially after how he has talked to your kids and everything he has done to everybody! No my dad is not perfect everyone knows that. You have done nothing but talk bad about John, and now all of a sudden want to beg for him to come back when just yesterday you where yelling how much he disgusted you, and wanted the divorce final before your birthday. And John already told you he was never really in love with you, that he was just helping you out because you needed a place to go when breaking up with my dad. My and daughter are NOT going to be around John! I will leave if he returns! Everybody would agree with me about that after the way he treated me, my brother, Grandma, you, and many others. I want nothing to do with him. He’s a low life loser and always will be. If you want to be with a person like that, then yeah you will never see us again, that is a promise!
Jayde:  Lets get a few things straight and only speak FACTS! I never begged John to come back home. We were having a regular chat as anybody would.

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I don’t have to answer that to anybody, either. I said that I wanted a divorce from him at the moment of what I had previously heard from what he was saying, I was just mad. As for your dad being disrespected, he came to our home calling John out, and he didn’t want anything to get worse in front of your brother at all. However, being the way your dad is, he never stopped harassing John. John only yelled at your dad to please LEAVE. You will see eventually how irrational and immature you are being!
Maci:  You are the immature one.  You begged John for hours to please come home, and that is not just a regular chat, is WAS begging, mom. John had said he didn’t want to marry you, and was just helping you out financially because you needed somewhere to go. You pressured John to run off and get hitched at the courthouse as soon as you my dad’s divorce was finalized. Respect is what John lacks and has none at all, and you might not even respect yourself, nor me. John only cares about himself. If you want to choose to be with somebody like him, then that is your business. Nobody is going to forgive you for it, you will see, mom! I love you, but I am actually floored, mom. You can have any man, why John after what he has done?! I can’t believe you would even let this happen knowing he told you to choose him or your children, and telling you to kick me out on the curb when I was 16 and pregnant and no place to live. Meet new people, not somebody that disrespects your family and friends! And, we are your blood family, not John!!!
Jayde:  Yes, I spent several hours talking to John, and I was not begging him to come back home, it was a simple adult to adult chat about everything that has happened between us in the last three years. We had not even talked since breaking up. Knowing that I want to talk to my husband should have no effect on anybody. PERIOD. I am not choosing John over my kids, and never will. Being alone without a partner is the most terrible feeling ever, but wanting to be with that one person who you have known along that you are deeply in love with is worse. Having “any” guy is not always meant to be the perfect life either as that can go wrong as well. John admitted his wrongs, and being a guy to own up to what he knows he did wrong says something to me. For all who is out to judge me on the fact I want to talk to my husband about our issues, I suppose you all will have to keep having your own opinions of this. I only ask not to judge cause we all have our own ways of seeing things in our lives. My kids are main priority, and always will be.
Maci:  Um, mom, you are definitely contradicting everything that you say. John even kicked you out of your bedroom when he was living with you and made you put your belongings in the hallway closet. He also proceeded to call me bad names. Oh, and how about when he shoved you at McDonald’s?!
Jayde:  Wow, Maci, he never called you bad names or shoved me ever, but keep saying all this after all the rides to and from school and work he gave you for free. And, as for John kicking me out of our bedroom, well I agree that was dramacrazy, but I will leave this on a positive note as he said to me on the phone today that he would never move back here and take Maci from the home she has know made and bring a child in this wrong has he again stated “that baby girl needs a stable house to where she can grow up with love and respect.”  So again, say whatever you wish and bash a guy who has owned up to his mistakes, and continuously says he was in the wrong and apologizes to everybody. I am done with all this nonsense drama.
Maci:  Yeahhh… John gave me rides to work and school and complained the whole friggin’ time! Then he made me walk to get something to drink when I was 8 months pregnant in the ice cold when it was sleeting and snowing outside and his car was in the drive way but wouldn’t give me a ride. He made me find rides to work knowing I couldn’t walk because it was the dead of winter, and almost got me fired being late numerous times. Not to mention how he started treating Grandma. No way in heck I will ever pick a loser man over my children, that’s for sure!
Jayde:  Maci, just please stop saying I am picking him over my kids when you know this is a lie! That would never happen. John doesn’t want my kids hurting or and that is why he said he could never move back here cause he wants this home to be ours. Don’t start pointing fingers at me without even knowing how I really feel about all this. John did and said things that were way out of line in the past. John said SORRY! Just because I want to talk to him, it’s a problem that I don’t get at all. We just chatted, he isn’t returning and I never begged him to, either. STOP LYING, MACI!
* Maci begins crying hysterically, and runs out of the room ( her bedroom door slams really loud ). DramaFever chills for now.