Causes and Prevention of Cancer

What are the real causes and prevention of cancer in people? We are talking about every single kind of cancer! Colon cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, throat, brain, cervical, and more. Take control today by preventing it 100% … No More Excuses!

Keep Your Body’s PH Level Less Acidic !

In every single disease of human beings, there is one main primary causes, and there is one or more secondary causes. Cancer has many secondary causes such as a toxic environment, hereditary (only 5% to 10% is hereditary!), extreme stress, jealousy and bitterness feelings (yep!), smoking, alcohol, obesity, inflammation, etc. However, the main primary cause is the replacement of oxygen from respiring (breathing) in normal healthy body cells by the fermentation of sugar. Yes, cancer cells feed off of sugar. They get most of their energy from sugar, while normal body cells get their energy from the respiration of oxygen that breathe. Every single time a cancer cell is formed, sugar fermentation begins and oxygen respiration begins falling drastically. Cancer impairs oxygen respiration by deranging human body circulation, and the respiration can’t be repaired again if it’s impaired at the same time as the cancer, unfortunately. In other words, once the body is going haywire…and it nearly impossible, if not a miracle, to get it back to an oxygen-rich and cancer-free state again without permanently damaging the body’s normal cells (while “killing” cancer cells at the same time) with radiation and chemotherapy.

Cancer cells are ALWAYS being formed throughout our lives, so the question is not  how do we prevent the spontaneous cancer cells from forming, BUT … how to we PREVENT  them from thriving and spreading? By keeping our bodies full of oxygen, and keeping it
more alkaline than more acidic! Cancer can ONLY survive in a low oxygen, acidic environment.

Consume Foods 80% Alkaline and 20% Acidic

To obtain better oxygen, exercise often and breathe more deeply (most humans are shallow  breathers). A majority of foods that people eat are acid-forming and have more sugar or produce more sugar, and cancer feeds off of this. To keep your body more alkaline and with  less sugar, eat 80% of your daily intake of foods from the chart on the left and only 20%  of foods from the chart above. Following a healthy diet in this particular chart is  the most perfect way to begin oxygenating your body. I use a juicer everyday for the fruits and vegetables:  Your goal will be to keep your body PH balanced where cancer can’t grow and/or spread. Keeping your PH level at between 7.2 to 7.4 will keep your body slightly more alkaline, which is perfect. You can!
“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”  Dr. Otto H. Warburg Quote