Guanabana Benefits Soursop Cancer Cure

Soursop Fruit or Guanabana is a spectacular tropical fruit from the guanabana tree which is native to Southern North America, the rain forests of Africa, Central America, the Caribbean, the Philippines, and northern South America. The countries where they thrive the best are Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Islands, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador.

The Soursop scientific name is Annona Muricata and it can bring many wonderful benefits to the human body. The anticancer effects of soursop are widespread, however, these are not their unique medicinal properties. Meet the nutritional properties of soursop and how their use can benefit your health. The healing properties of soursop for cancer treatment have been widespread. However, Annona muricata, soursop scientific name provides other benefits to the body, thanks to its rich nutritional composition. Among other components, the fruit of the soursop has vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, important for health.
Every 100 grams guanabana provides: 1 gram of protein, 0.95 gram of fat, 16.5 grams of carbohydrates, 3.2 grams of fiber, 58 grams of ash, 10.3 milligrams of calcium, 26.9 milligrams of phosphorus, 270 milligrams of potassium, 0.64 milligrams of iron, 3.5 milligrams of Vitamin A, 2.6 milligrams of Vitamin C , 0.15 milligrams of thiamine, 0.08 milligrams of riboflavin, 1.3 milligrams of niacin, 11 milligrams of tryptophan, 8 milligrams methionine, and 60 milligrams of lysine. It also has a high water content, and it represents a contribution of only 65 calories per 100 gram serving which can be consumed as fruit or fruit juice. It’s also used in the production of jams and marmalade. Moreover, all plant parts of  Soursop or Guanabana are usable for different functions. The juice of the ripe fruit is good for the liver and has a diuretic effect.
A herbal soursop leaf tea are attributed as antispasmodic, sedative, vasodilator and anti-diabetic, and anti-cancer! Lastly, the powdered seeds are used as insect repellents.

The Soursop Medical Usage and Guanabana Health Benefits:
The flesh of the soursop is constitutes mostly water; further provides minerals, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, lipids, has a high caloric value due to the presence of carbohydrates; it is also rich in vitamin C and pro vitamin A and vitamin B.
The pulp of the fruit can be consumed in juice or water and often diuretic, leaves can be consumed as tea tree bark, powdered seeds serve as insect repellent on your skin. It is important to note that the soursop despite being a nice flavor not therefore be consumed too much but go slowly that is if you take it in juice should you take a half cup fasting for a week this is so that your body gets used to the ingredients in and it does not fall heavy, something else that we should consider is that the first shot that is making you do fasting is the most important day because the body is empty and so is best used when it is taken as a treatment for cancer. You must do three times daily before meals but always remembering that it is shaped to strength.
The leaves of the soursop can also be taken blended three sheets with a glass of water to liquify and strained it must also be taken on an empty stomach but you should start with a molten sheet with a cup of water it for a week and then we will be the glass all these are treatments are herbal and are not a substitute for any medicine or chemotherapy but neither are contraindicated either.
The leaves of the soursop are spectacular when you are sick of mumps but the leaves have to be smoothed either boiling water and putting them a little to soften them or roasting them after that put in mumps with the help of a cloth this will help ease inflammation quicker.  Soursop leaves are excellent when the person suffers from insomnia and nervousness. Soursop is very good for preventing colds and when you already have the disease helps the recovery of this and clears the chest for this just bake three sheets of soursop, and a small handful of flowers in it and tea was taken with natural honey to sweeten the tea. Natural is the best and when you are sick, or have any disease. The tea leaves are good to contain internal bleeding tea is made with three sheets of soursop always sweetened with honey.

The sour-sop green fruit when consumed unripe  is very good against jaundice (yellowing of the skin, mucous membrane and ocular conjunctiva). For this, simply cut the fruit when it is still not mature and cut three small pieces which were removed seeds and liquefied and then be cast to be consumed, can be sweetened with honey to make a little more pleasant taste because when the immature green fruit tends to have a slightly bitter taste.

guanabana tree with soursop fruit and leaves

A List of medicinal properties of Guanabana Tree Leaves, Flowers, Fruits and Seeds:
To Combat hypertension (when blood pressure is too high).
2. To Combat asthma (obstructive lung disease characterized by coughing).
3. To combats cancer (group of diseases that lead the body to produce malignant cells).
4. To fight diabetes (increased sugar in the blood).
5. To combat liver disorders.
6. To fight tumors (tissue alteration resulting in an increase of volume).
7. An insecticide:  the leaves and root are used. (Helps eliminate the pesky insects like mosquitoes)
8. Amebicide,  cortex (combat parasites such as roundworms).
9. Vermifuge,  bark and leaves (is the power to eliminate all worms).
10. Pectoral, flowers and leaves (cure all kinds of diseases of the chest such as asthma, bronchitis, etc.).
11. Anti-diabetic, leaves (used to control and cure diabetes and to prevent it).
12. Vasodilator leaves (prevents and corrects poor circulation as well as spills).
13. Sedative, leaves (helps calm the nerves and good sleep).
14. Antimalarial, leaves (helps to counteract the disease of malaria, which is accompanied by fever, muscle aches and headaches).
15. Galactogogue, fruit (promotes milk secretion, is a good food when the woman is breast-feeding as the milk production will be increased by eating the fruit!)
16. Anticancer, tender shoots and leaves (prevents and controls the disease when it is suffered in just 2 days.
17. Worming, bark and seeds (a good de-wormer for children taken as tea fasting).
18. Antispasmodic, leaves (helps and prevents involuntary muscle contractions causing them to harden and bulge for these spasms Sour-sop is very effective).
19. Antibacterial, bark (soursop destroys and eliminates bad bacteria and prevents them from causing further diseases and disorders).
20. Anti-ulcer, bark (soursop facilitates and helps heal wounds, is great for gastritis).
21. Anti-diarrhea (helps when people have diarrhea with or without infection). Among many other cancers consuming both the leaves and the stem and the fruit of the soursop is a very good alternative for people who suffer from this disease, when they can not resort to surgery or therapy, or if for some reason have to stop chemotherapy either that is causing damage to the liver or kidneys. The soursop is the opposite as there is no reaction of intolerance or allergy and is complemented nicely with any medical treatment to this subject the person who has cancer.
Guanabana is one of the most powerful cure cancer fruit trees has been used to combat this disease for over 40 years in the USA, Europe and Asia, with great results for patients who have been treated with this alternative medicine. It helps to treat and possibly even cure Colon cancer, Thyroid cancer, Prostate cancer, Lymphatic cancer, Breast cancer, Kidney Cancer, Gastric cancer, Pancreatic cancer, heals and cures ulcers of the colon, Cures diverticulosis (weak zones or bultillos in the bowel wall), Cures chronic constipation, Strengthens the intestinal flora, Regulates the temperature of the stomach, Helps Cure the flu, colds, sinusitis, rheumatism greatly improves. It contains powerful anti-cancer agents which are acetogenins which are contained in the leaf of the soursop has been found that acetogenins are over 10,000 times more potent than adriamycin and destroys cancer cells without damaging the cells and tissues that are healthy as with adriamycin. The soursop is antimicrobial so consumed at high doses might alter the intestinal flora is why we must remember that the fruit is consumed in low to moderate starting with a quarter cup after cup half, then three quarters of a cup, after full cup, then a quarter cup and so on until a full glass this would be the maximum to take a day these changes are made per week for the body to get used to taking.

Guanabana fruit and seeds

Many cancer cells are immune and develop a resistance to man-made harsh medicines that counteract cancer, acetogenins (substances with anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties), Annona muricata, are often a good alternative in the treatment of borne, called (cancer); acetogenins as selectively inhibit the growth of cancer cells and inhibit the growth of tumor cells and which are resistant to adriamycin (chemotherapeutic drug) cells; Also remember that the soursop is 10,000 thousand times more potent than adriamycin, soursop acts within 48 hours battling cancer by stopping the disease sheet acetogenins, Soursop act as a pump that goes into the body to destroy cancer cells without causing any damage to the healthy cells are not sick so that treatment with soursop is very good option as long as the person attend on time and take their treatment properly as directed, patience plays a role very important in all natural or herbal treatment because nature is very kind to all people and has given us the tools to fight diseases naturally some weapons; But we must take into account that alternative medicine if it works long term but in many cases, remember that with patience, perseverance and faith in treating all done. We can take advantage of the Guanabana fruit, leaves, flowers, stem, bark, roots all of this fruit tree is medicinal, especially the leaves either in liquid or in tea its main function is to fight cancer. Hopefully this miracle of a tree will be tested in scientific labs. I wrote this because I am a witness to how wonderful God is for making this plant, my sister has leukemia CLL, a disorder in the blood, had very high white blood cell count of 125, 555, he recommended his chemotherapy but about one month before she started taking the soursop juice and when he went to get the Medport, to start his chemo, she had dropped to 76,000 and then, one week later, when it had in 50,000 went to see the oncologist he was in awe, my sister in less than a month and had her white blood cells in 3500, that 4.5 is normal, it will take off 4 sessions of chemotherapy and told him to continue. She has a few nodes but are decreasing,  the doctor was in shock and said “Your sister is a miracle”…but the miracle is God who made this plant, as he did us and the world and universe! Too bad that so many people with cancer who do not have this news so when I go to buy their frozen juices with pulp, which is how I get here, I tell people that if they know someone with cancer who are given guanaba make juice and wait and see the difference, just wanted to share this with you so that people know that is not a myth it is a beautiful and hopeful reality. This plant is a proven cancer remedy for cancers of all types. It is NOT a hoax. God bless you!