Coronavirus and Covid 19 never represent a challenge to scare off psychopathic young generation

A said is that the 2020 young people worldwide (except in China, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, Russia generations because their reports of the contamination at their countries is never as accurate or inaccurate because they don’t care about testing properly and reporting it correctly.) are just on denial of the horrible thread that this virus represents to humans all ages. They think that the Coronavirus and Covid 19 disease never represent a challenge to scare off psychopathic young generation in the United States with the approval of their president “Donald Trump”.
Important!! There is not a vaccine as a future cure so far, and about 150 companies are on the race to discover the properly cure to the us disease, but only 4 are on the tip of the arrow and almost achieving their goal the vaccine.

The Coronavirus is a Virus that Causes an Infection Disease with the Name of Covid 19 Disease.

The amount of victims increases as the pandemic Covid19 on this century advances on each state of the US American.

We find all ages young girls and young guys, older men and women too celebrating the end of the restrictions and not staying at home for prevention, and they just went crazy “nuts” (with madness) at beaches, stores, parks, with celebrations and drinking etc, without any masks or any other virus protection.
The United States is not the only one country where many citizens think that the virus does not represent an extermination of human race, it happens almost in all the Latin countries “except Uruguay”, but numbers of dead are increasing dramatically in Argentina, Brasil or Brazil, the contagious in Colombia, Panama, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico.
At the European community Italy, Spain, UK England, Portugal, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Australia and others.
At the continent of Asia Japan, South Korea, Philippines, India and more countries too.
The World Health Organization has dedicated hundreds of days and hours broadcasting information and warnings, but the world is deaf, sadly nobody cares. When someone asks why they are behaving like that, their answer is usually “I was feeling sad and depressed trapped at home, i need freedom”.
There are many governments leaders on denial and not admitting to take control of the virus, or at least to wear a mask and so their followers will wear it too.
By the date of July 7, 2020 more that half of a million human dead already and this continues as longer the virus keeps finding fresh dirt to procreate and reproduce and spreads person to person by millions worldwide.
There are several viruses that are highly contagious to people all ages in the world and the majority appears in China and Africa.
The individuals in dangerous conditions, patients who happens to sufferer a cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure condition, the diabetes or “sugar on their blood”, the chronic respiratory disease “affecting their longs, all different cancer diseases as colon cancer, brain tumors, stomach cancer, skin cancer, lungs cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia or blood Pancreas Cancers, Brain Malignant Tumors, Kidney Cancers, Organs and Back Bone cancer, all persons who had a surgery within 5 years, elderly citizens are the most likely to get a critical physical condition and arrive to an emergency room at hospital and probably die on a 80% chance. A virus that straighten the act of ATTACKING with Severely acute forces the respiratory, the heart, digestive systems till killing it’s victims.
Appearance, there is no way that world peoples understand that this virus only can be beaten if they joining on the cause and start staying at home they aren’t working and if they never use a mask and keep their distance between individuals.
If you are one of those people who are very concerned about cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces in the place where you live or work, then find-out How to kill the virus Novel Corona-Virus that produces the famous SARS-CoV-2?, the

The EPA or (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ) Approved 2 disinfectant products to treat surfaces.
These two products effective on the treatment to killing the virus are: Lysol Disinfectant Spray ( The EPA Reg No. 777-99 packed in a bottle or bag in the form of spray or liquid) and Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist ( The EPA Reg No. 777-127 packed in a bottle or bag in the form of spray or liquid).
” Remember, the disease gets one person and that person transmit it to two more (many of those people could have a serious health condition on their health), then those two transmit it to four more and it keeps infecting double on and on. The virus war winning only can be achieved if the entire world act all together same time on the precautions step as: Keep two meters distance, wear a mask all day outside the home apartment or houses, wear a mask properly at their work places all the times without thinking that my coo-workers don’t have the virus, not hugs and kisses at all, break away from parties and friend or family celebrations, wash their hands before and after touching objects and supermarket carts with merchandise or food after buying them on a shopping day, not getting on the restaurant cloud and thinking that because it looks clean their sits and tables aren’t contaminated (better order to deliver home or office and be careful with spoons, the plates and covers of these food orders delivered to you by a delivery guy.
More important, after handling money, bills or coins, wash your hands before touching your mouth or eyes and entire face.
Remember, you must assume that every individual out there has the virus Covid19 and therefore you could be the next getting sick and very probable to die.
It is a huge concern and scary to know that the Coronavirus that causes Covid 19 disease without discriminating any one because of their young or old ages, neither their physical health conditions (these points mean that people could be very young and health with no signs or symptoms of being sick and they can die too).
You don’t need to live the horrible experience of being sick with Covid19, be ware that never know who has it because many humans never show signs of being sick).
It is possible that by 2025, only 3 or 4% won’t get the contamination on their systems, the other 96% already had it on their body, and from that 90%, probably 20% is dead because they did not survive the virus attack, they did not had a chance to live like the ones who did and were lucky.
Finally, without being a smart doctor who always works at the hospital and clinics taking care of sick patients, you don’t need to visit those places because you did not wear a good mask to protect yourself, you did not keep the distance from sick people out there on the streets, you went loose without thinking that you could be the next.
The recommendation to the small tows, large and medium cities worldwide to keep a strong campaign about information to your citizens on how dangerous the ( The Pandemia Covid 19) pandemic time of Coronavirus is. Just protect yourselves and be patience all the times to care about us, our family and the human race.