Why I would Want A Lab Dog Breed Named Charlie?

Why I would want another pet in my life if when I lose them, I really suffer a lot and it takes a very long time for my heart to start healing. My dog’s name was Charlie and he was named by my husband.
The feeling that I’m going through is like terrible pain inside my heart and my soul, and no wonder, I miss my real friend till the eternity when i go there to meet him again.

A Nice Labrador Dog

This is my story and I want to share it with you now, I hope you have at least one pet at home and understand me and my suffering.
I had never thought I would want a Lab dog breed until we got Charlie 13 years ago from a fantastic line of hunters. There were just a couple of things….Charlie was much better at retrieving things, than he was actually giving them…he also liked to swim, but he wasn’t a fan of the rain, and he would stand with me under the eve of the house, while Cooper dutifully did his business. But then I learned to love a Lab. He stole our socks any chance he had, and would hold them in his mouth while we kissed his head and tried to convince him to hand them over. He had a fantastic bark but was scared of his own shadow. Much of his focus through the thirteen years that we were blessed to have him, was on attempting to capture the elusive squirrel, get his dog toys back from Charlie’s “lair” and manage to talk us out of whatever we were eating. I don’t think we ever found a food that he wouldn’t gobble down. Yesterday I learned to miss a Lab and all the sadness that comes with that. I will miss his kisses, and all the times he insisted on climbing into my lap whether I wanted him to or not. When I protested, he would try to be much more stealthy in his approach and it ended up hurting more; it was easier just to let him have his way with me. Today I learned how big a part of our lives he was. How I will never have all 75+ pounds of him sitting on the arm of my recliner, or his excited wiggling and stepping on my feet when I return home from work. I’ve also seen how much my family loved him too, the emptiness and sadness in this house is palpable. Thank you to my sweet friends who have cried with me, prayed for me, and picked me up. I love you all.

To all of you to know, my name is Juliana B. Oliphant.
Than You Solid America for letting me share my story about my pet and my love for him.