The Covid 19 From Coronavirus Won’t Defeat The Americans

When looking which countries have the worst outbreaks of the Coronavirus and most deaths worldwide, the United States leads the list on top.

Together we defeat the virus today!
Together on the fight against Covid 19

I thought to tell the story of Goliath the giant getting defeated by a little guy who believed he could defeat the giant down and protect his people, in such a case, the United States represents the little guy because even when the virus is invisible, it is not a small enemy, it attacked the entire world and became a Giant worldwide causing a deadly desease called Covid 19.
America must stand up and stay solid together now!.
If the Americans want to see their grand children going the kindergarten, the school to study, getting a graduation at college and getting married, then having their little children boys and girls, then the Americans must wear a face mask, wash their hands, take a shower with soap and water, disinfect  their clothing after going out every time without complaining.

Fellows Americans, citizens in United States, behave like the world leader, show your strength and the material you were made from, now or it is going to be too late soon.
Lets break the record for not having any cases of the virus contamination so, lets protect ourselves, our families, our neighbors, in our home and in the whole country. Lets show the virus we can defeat it, Covid 19 infection is our killer enemy, lets cut all chances of it to keep alive.

The bad thing for my neighbors is the bad thing for me and caring about ourselves is caring about our country in total.
This virus and disease is a real thing, it is our immediate enemy and we are at war with it. The hospitals beds and the medical doctors and nurses are way to busy saving lives, providing medical health treatment to those citizens that are sick and died now.
Don’t wait to see your next door neighbor who died outside the street because he or she couldn’t survive when no beds were available to provide treatment and save their lives. That already has happened in Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Italy, Spain etc. We can make the different together by assuming every one is a prospect for transmitting the virus face to face of by spreading the Covid disease on the air around.
As a today the United States states of Florida with the city of Miami, Texas Dallas, Arizona, California, North Carolina are top with cases and a real emergency is obvious right now, then forty states are also getting close to the list with Corona-virus spreads, these are some: Ohio, Indiana, Washington, Illinois, Alabama, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and others
Today, we are asking all the Americans to stay at home if they don’t have to go out, and if there is a clear reason to go out to work at your jobs, or to buy food, (you can order from supermarkets to deliver home at some cities), then please, wear a face mask, and take all precautions to protect yourself and your the people around you, because only doing so, we can eliminate the virus of Covid19 i the US.
America must remain SOLID and strong like Superman, their people always work together and survive all tests during several centuries, Americans are made of solid steel and strong gold and win the war against the virus.