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Italy Second VS the Champions Spain

The winner #1 is already the European championship, " the winners ".
Sometimes life brings such a surprises when about how to play soccer football in a major tournament goes

chica espanola, mujer

#15 sergio ramos uses the head for the ball

The national Italian team after a great semi-finals when they send the German team home with final score results of 2x1 "German penalty score", goals of Mario Balotelli, who by the way did not have much good playing moves in this final game and went at the end very upset with his team.
Just beginning the game.

Several athletes are from Canarias islands SP, south of the Iberia peninsula in the Mediterranean and close to Sicilian islands Italy "Aeolian Islands or Lipari Islands" also.

Italy was playing hand by hand a final game with Spain, but the first goal came in by David Silva, them Italy's team started to decline and then the first half finished with one more goal Jordi Alba

These first two goals sent the Italians already hurt to the fifteen minute break.

Then, at the second half, what a surprise! The Italian Coach: Mr. Cesare Prandelli changed the majority of his men and left just one left.
Again, the Spanish style of play machine did not rest at all and kept the Italian suffering with one more goal, putting the blue team under fire and under lots of pressure.

What happened? Giorgio Chiellin injured in the second time of the game Italy Spain and went out leaving the blue "Azurros" weak and with only 10 ten men.
Again, the Coach already did changed all his men of reposition and no more to replace the injured man.

The Spanish played just with short passes and very precise ball at the players feet, the way they learn since they were kids.
The Spanish soccer players were more concise, exact and productive concerning goals and passes, the Italian didn't, simple.

cesasr fabregas #10 and fernando torres #9

Mario Balotelli #9

Spain players wives brought their kids to the field at the end when players were celebrating their victory and famous triumph for this 2012 year
Red and yellow uniforms colors were everywhere, while meantime the Italians were upset and sad for so much afford on defending and losing the game

The UEFA gave away gold medals to the champion winners Spanish team and silver to the second place "Italy".
The referee did a very good job controlling and placing yellow cards to two players.
This is what we seen, I have seen a lost a place Italian team, confused and tired or lets say, out of shape.

Italians weren't a match on the field for the Spaniards, how ever there could be more goals than 4, but the lack of defense and attack gave a very tiny results positive at some point.
With professionals midfielders, defenders, a great goalkeeper and many attackers with artistic feet on the side of the red team, there is no match in Europe or America and Asia Africa right now, Spain has the key of the perfect soccer football, they learned right and they are artist playing it.
Which team or who is going to stop these professionals and when is the question.

Enjoy these images and share them with friends and family.
For a man like Mario it is very hard to climb to the top and then find out that his team players failed to perform the right task on the encounter, just at the very moment when glory or hell is in front of you. No wonder his upset feeling and reaction after the game finished.

It is like beginning a great big job and not concluding it, just leaving it at the halve of way.

Come on Mario, you did good against the Germany, the most important is to participate
there will always a second time, just wait.

As the player of The Iberian Yellow and Red, their families wives and kids already knew they will be the champions and winners, that's why everybody was ready to enter the stadium and make the show right after.

Who can complain about the job of

iker casillas spectacular ball catching

ladies from spain, women

Goalkeeper Iker Casillas spectacular ball catching, simple great work #1 in the world
The list of Players as the following:

1- Gianluigi Buffon (GoalKeeper)
3- Giorgio Chiellini
7- Ignazio Abate
8- Claudio Marchisio
9- Mario Balotelli
10- Antonio Cassano

15- Andrea Barzagli
16- Daniele De Rossi
18- Riccardo Montolivo
19-- Leonardo Bonucci
21- Andrea Pirlo
Coach: Mr. Cesare Prandelli.

1-Iker Casillas
3- Gerardo Pique
6- Andres Iniesta
8- Xavi Hernandez
10- Cesc Fabregas
14- Xavi Alonso
15- Sergio Ramos
16- Sergio Busquets
17- Alvaro Arbeloa
18- Jordi Alba
21- David Silva

Coach: Mr. Vicente Del Bosque " Bigotes"

referee pedro proenca portugal

spanish woman prety

(Coach Don Vicente, Mr del bosque)


Pedro Proenca ( Portugal ) Main
Match Officials:
Bertino Miranda
Manuel De Sousa Duarte Gomes
Ricardo Santos.

Italy Substitutes:

12- Salvatore Sirigu (GK)
14- Margan De Sanctis (GK)
2- Christian Maggio
4- Angelo Ogbonna
5- Thiago Motta
6- Federico Balzaretti
11- Antonio Di Natale
13- Emmanuele Giaccherini
17- Fabio Borini
20- Sebastian Giovinco

22-- Alessandro Diamanti
23 - Antonio Nocerino

giorgio chiellini injured, hurt

Vicente, Mr del bosque

Spain Substitutes:

12- Victor Valdes (GK)
23- Pepe Reina (GK)
2- Raul Albiol
4-Juan Martinez
5 Juan Fran
7- Pedro Rodriguez
9- Fernando Torres
11- Alvaro Negredo
13-Juan Mata
19 Fernando Llorente
20_Santi Cazorla
22- Jesus Navas.
Left side, a photo of n Spanish woman pretty with a heart on her chick and a red hat.

Perhaps the best of this event is the assistance of the general public and their supporting to their nationals, the competition will be nothing without these beautiful females and men, kids all together going in to the stadiums and screaming their teams names.

For example, heard sentences like " Vamos Espana" and " Forza Italia". That all means exactly the same in English, " Be strong and play, we support you from stage".

Every minute it went by after the third goal on the second halve and with only 10 men, was a suffering hurt wound for the Italians, as they tried so hard with none results on how to make a tie and try to win " a dream".

Things have change since Brazil left their worldwide position empty, the Spanish flash fury is evident taking over and now they kept about every title existent on the world as far of soccer football goes.

When these boys are playing you can watch dominance, control, art and power mealtime, excellent coordination, wonderful physical condition and athletic maximum conditions.
A trainer who really knows his job, he places every single player at the right position and timing.
Photos: A little girl on the field with a doll.

iker casillas goalkeeper lifts the euro cup

a little girl on the field with a doll

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