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South Africa Coach Carlos Alberto Perreira - Tecnico

(Photos: South Africa Coach Carlos Alberto Perreira - El Tecnico)

English and Spanish for the Americas and Europe readers.
lots of photos to enjoy the message about two great teams who played a while ago.

Ver Español En la Historia De Los Mundiales Mas Abajo El Juego y Juzgadas De La celeste Uruguay Con Fotos Del Juego 3-0 Al anfitrión Del Torneo Goles, Busca de repetir la Victoria en Su ultima Fecha Del Grupo A, Esta Junto Con México Que derroto A Francia 2-0, La Enfrentara El Próximo martes.

DiegoForlan Penalty

(Photo: DiegoForlan Penalty)

El Equipo Uruguay Derroto Al Equipo Sud Africano Anfitrión De La Copa Mundial 3-0 Juego de Uruguay.

(By now 2014 in Brazil things could change dramatically when they face Costa Rica- "La Roja Sele")

World Cup Celebration Soccer Game Uruguay Vs South Africa Pictures.
Many of these pictures can be seen in other games, Meaning they look alike, because the same football teams have played before with other teams in the same group or in the future with some others before they stay or gone home.

It is a process that every single country participating in this famous sports event, where the whole world have the respective opportunity to qualify far before in countries internal events or regions done by FIFA.
Federation International Football Associated.
CONCACAF for Latin South and North America

In this game we can see South Africa sad for the loss against Uruguayan soccer team, First goal made by Diego Forlan in the first 25 minute of the first round or time, The shot happened when he cross the ball in the way that it took a turn on high and lie to the player goalkeeper South African, in most of this first time the Uruguayan team keeps control most of the ball and game.

The South African Dixgacoi received a yellow card.
Uruguay's player Suarez receive a punch in his upper lip accidentally in a move and he was bleeding slow. The excellent equilibrium job done by the Southern American Team was eminent.

At the second 45 minute time, enters 20- Alvaro Fernandez.

In the minute 30 a red card for Kune goalkeeper South African, who in a strong low rash the grass tried to stop the ball from an Uruguayan player and hit him in the upper side of his shoe causing a penalty to the favor of Uruguay's team, act followed he gat kicked out of the game, and replace by another goalkeeper from his team.
The penalty is taken by Forlan at minute 35 and it becomes a goal, making at this point the second and giving his national soccer team the win and 4 points in the group.

Uruguay's coach Oscar Tabares said we have an obligation with the young people of our country after the today's triumph, this soccer football selection have done something unbelievable without precedents, with Mexico next time we will play just like today.

Nobody wants to lose their dream, and when things don't go their way, then we can see sad faces full of frustration.

nice yellow green hair costume in a child

Carlos Alberto Perreira ( South Africa Coach) El Golaeador Uruguayo Diego Forlan | Goal Maker A Child With Artificial Green hair Costume | Nino Con Colorido, Vestiduara Color.
La Seleccion De los Uruaguayos:
9 - Suarez L,, 7- Cavani, 17- Arevalo, 11 - Pereira, 15 - Perez, 1 - Musler, ( Defender) Defensor Diego Godi­n

Selecionado SudAfricano: 16- Itumeleng Khume ( goalkeeper ( out with red card )
2- Gaxa, 4- Mokoena, 20-Kahumalo, 3-Masilela, 11- Moddise, 13- Dikgacoi, 12- Letsaccontale, 8- Tshabalala, 9-Mphala, 10- Steaven Pienaar ( Got Changed ) | Reeplaza por 1- Moneer Josephs ( came in instead )

two capatain and officials

(The two captain and officials / Los arbitros)

andre malan

Light blue colors are everywhere, they call it "La Celeste" and these are the Uruguayan flag colors of course.

uruguay's affiction - aficcionados

Uruguay's affliction / Asistencia de Aficcionados al estadio d futbol

The Three Officials: The Officials: Central: Suiza, Massimo Busacca, Maithlas Arnet ( Suiza), Francisco Euragina ( Suiza), Wolfgang Stark ( Germany)

Los tres árbitros, el arbitro Central Massimo Buracca. Sr. Maithlas de Suiza, Francisco Eurogna, también de ese pais, Wolfgang de Alemania o sea Alemán.

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Fan South African team, Nice Glases | El fanatico de anteojos, lentes de contacto or para proteccion del sol, rayos solares

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Top sports uruguay flag. Full colors can call more attention for fans who really need to stand out the crowds.
They wear big eyeglasses, they surround themselves with flags and costumes to make it really great.
There are situations when you just must do things better than your opponent and set expectations up there higher for everyone's to know that you are America's champion, the only one. | La bandera Uruguaya

The television channels can catch them fast and easy, broadcasting live happy faces lifting their flags and opening their mouth kike a laud scream.

It's a party for Us, said this fan. Just allow them to enjoy this first class moments that people need to feel they are at the top of the word.

happy african fans

The happy african fans / Un fanatico feliz).

One second and the difference for a winning tam or a losing country can change and that is why expectations or TV viewers, fans inside the stadium should keep their eyes 100% on the payers feet and shoes

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Line up before free shot / alineacion tiro libre

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Goal / Gol de forlan

The number Sixteen stands on the back of this t-shirt or soccer jersey as it is known in the United States of America USA or US.
The face of this player seems to be of someone who has awareness and frustration after almost an hours of being running up and down the soccer field and results won't show for what he and his team expected before the encounter began an hour ago

khume goal keeper

( Picture: khume goal keeper / El portero de Sud Africano)
Line up Players Before Free Shot Order - Goal Well Done By Number ten 10, Golazo del Numero Diez, 10 - 16- Portero Sud Africano -Khume Goal Keeper.

musler portero Uruguayo

(Professional goalkeeper musler | Portero uruguay )

moves plying

moves plying, Mark Plays| La buena jugada)
Un Portero Latino y Sud Americano. La marca Africana cuando el jugador Uruguayo se mueve hacia adelante

The game tricks

The game tricks | El buen juego del balon

red card

The red card means out, disable for one or more games.
Both Teams Play, Red Card For The Goalkeeper South-African and Kicked Out Of the Game, Plus A Penalty Against His Team.
Ambos grupos de jugadores la tarjeta roja, causando Desconsuelo en el equipo Africano, tristeza, pues ya tenían un Gol en contra y Ahora un penal y un fuera del partido para el portero.

Además todo esto ocurrió en el segundo tiempo a la Altura del minuto 29, y Para el minuto 35 el penal fue cobrado por Morlan, quien paso seguido hizo el segundo gol para su equipo. Despues del pito de el arbitro

En la Historia De Los Mundiales El Equipo Uruguay Derroto Al Equipo Sud Africano Anfitrión De La Copa Mundial 3-0 en el 2010.

Like A Real Soccer Experts The Uruguayan National Team Of Players Go For The Triumph And Puts Down The Host South African National Team 3-O In A Game With Historical Precedents

portero africano

itumeleng khume

Just as we told you, these are the pics that talk by themselves, Mr. Itumeleng khume goal keepe | Una Tarjeta Roja, y fuera. Esto definió completamente el gane del equipo SudAmericano.

plastic glases

The big colorful plastic glasses are used on the stadiums to celebrate events and show like more than a fanatic


The penalty | Penal de diego forlan
Fan Trumpets, happy | Making penalty shot |

Aficionados con trompetas, Cobrando el penal.
Quizás en este famoso juego de torneo mundial los africanos se confiaron o talvez necesitan mucho mas entrenamiento y mejores figuras para enfrentar equipos de seleccionados como el de Latino América, pero sin duda alguna se noto un control absoluto de los uruguayos en el primer tiempo y el segundo también, lo que definitivamente les da el gane con mucho derecho.

Ellos trabajaron positivamente en el cancha, el gran esfuerzo de la defensa, la delantera y el ataque constante fue eminentemente con un buen resultado al final.

night views of stadium

Wonderful night views of stadium

stadium loftus versfel, city pretoria in sudafrica

Vista de Noche Del Estadio. Por otra parte es duro el saber que el Anfitrión de esta copa mundial tiene muy pocas posibilidades de permanecer jugando, pero quizás aprenden un poco del juego de hoy en este estadio.
El técnico y Los futbolistas de la Celeste Felices y preparándose para Jugar Con México Próximamente.

The wonderful Stadium Loftus Versfel, city Pretoria in Sudafrica

Loftus Versfel, City Pretoria in Sudafrica, City Nelson Mandela, Stadium Night Views.