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Best List Of Unique Soccer Games

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Brazil vs. Costa Rica

A Unique world's sport encounter where we, the viewers will always win! Just an Amazing soccer game

brazil vs costa rica games brasil

Draw Results Brazil vs. Costa Rica Game

23 Jun 2011 Dennis Marshal Maxwell
jugador seleccionado de Costa Rica murió en accidente automovilístico.
EL jugador de 25 anos

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World Cup Semifinals 2016 - 2017 2018 2020 Sub 20s.
A day in history for the Costa Rica and Brazil football soccer teams in the category of Sub's 20 over there in El Cairo Egypt.

For the first play time of 45 minutes both teams were very tight and the time went by 0 x 0. By the second round of another 45 minutes
At the minute 22nd Brazilian national team placed their first and only one goal against Costa Rican national team and the game was over with a very high pressure from the Costa Rica's team frame.

No more or less than a real soccer higher standard and excellent game, quality of two big professionals teams soccer payers.

jugadores de futbol

Una revista rápida con fotos del juego.

The Referee from Spain gave way too much yellow cards to the Costa Ricans in the first round and at the second time to the Brazilians too.

The warriors on the green field!
Central and South America vs. "the soccer stadium is full" A winning and staying ahead for the final.

Spanish Language: Copa Del Mundo.
En la historia de los equipos ticos este ha sido sin duda el mejor hasta ahora en una copa mundial de fútbol.

Cuando se midieron los dos equipos en las semifinales de Egipto, Brasil vs Costa Rica en un mano a mano sin respiros.
Ambos equipos pasaron los primeros 45 minutos sin goles, pero con un juego excelente de campeones

Para la segunda ronda también se miro la organización del equipo Costarricense y la categoría especializada del juego de los Brasileños. Sin embargo para el minuto 22 con la pierna derecha y de medio ángulo Brasil anota su primer y único gol que le dio el pase a la final dejando a los ticos fuera de la misma.

salute athetes

La Brasileña, pero no se pudo y el juego se dio por terminado por el arbitro Español.

También hay que reconocer que este arbitro se excedió de tarjetas amarillas en el primer tiempo en contra de los costarricenses y en el segundo tiempo y en contra de los Brasileños.

The next is a collection of a few pictures, just to have an idea of the soccer players that almost sure will be stars in the next world cup 2010 and now 2014 this June.

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costa rican soccer national team

Se dio una gran presión de parte de Costa Rica en los últimos segundos en la cancha

Rafael Toloi
Alex Texeira
Alan Kardec
Paulo Henrique
Willington Junior

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Costa Rica LINE-UP
Esteban Alvarado
Jose Mena
Roy Smith
Ricardo Blanco
Marcos Urena
David Guzman
Diego Estrada
Diego Madrigal
Pedro Leal
Josue Martinez
Daniel varela
Ronald Gonzales ( Entrenador ) ( Trainer )

Reviews with great pictures.
Announcement, Dennis Marchal Maxwell after the gold cup in USA participation returns to his country Cr to die on 23 June 2011 in a car accident Denis Marshall footballer.
(presenting each group or national team in this category)

national team reserve chair

7 texeira  6 diogo

Average Soccer Player runs About 6 miles in 45 to 50 minutes, these number is assuming the job is to keep near the ball the most.

one goal

six player Paulo Henrique

Hubo mucho cansancio y desgaste fisico y Ronald Gonzales " El Entrenador Nacional " cambio, varios jugadores.
(Extraño el futbol nacional)

The physical devastation ( tiredness ) with in the players cause that the trainer changed several team's members almost at the end of the game.

18 brazilian

numero tres 3

Each time these two teams have an encounter team followers in the Americas have a good time and enjoyment for two long hours, emotions and feelings are easy to notice on each Latin country.

Everybody wants to be like the greatest and big brother " Brasil" in a famous Brazilian game or unique soccer games "carioca".

running shoes

el portero tico | goalkeeper

The facts are that for a longtime southern and middle Americas have being captivating new surprises, young generations of players that get to compete for the top positions in the world.

Companies named "clubs" investing on these excellent team members who will lead the sports now and in he near future.

The facts start where winning is really not that much important, instead to create a good show and look the best is the main purpose by making a lot of goals in the Brazilian game.

For nobody is a secrete anymore that Brazilians always are superior than many other world teams and for a small country like Costa Rica to be there playing with them is a major already, plus making a good presentation is a history.

brazilian junior players

Spanish Language: El escribir historia en un juego de esta categoría y hacer la presentación tan positiva de este país centroamericano hoy que normalmente hace las cosas en la cancha mejor cunado juega el futbol nacional, realmente es un hecho que debe quedar grabado y en espera de superarlo muy pronto.

Esperar que sea otra vez con los de camiseta amarella, la amarilla de Sur América y superar la cuota de este gran día con humildad de selección profesional Latino Americana.

Group E
Honduras (Hondurans) - Switzerland
4:00 PM on ESPN2

Group E
Ecuador - France .
4:00 PM on ESPN

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The reviews where small town kids will play without any shoes to feel the ground better when training for their next game on a field given by the US embassy

USA VS England UK
| Resultado Del Juego Estados Unidos e Inglaterra Sudáfrica World Cup
Miércoles, 14 de Octubre de 2009 in Octubre
| Wednesday 14th in October Did you hear the latest news?

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Bryan Ruiz - Joel Campbell - ( Quitted Out: Jorge Luis Pinto New Trainer " Colombian )

The next Sat, Jun 14, 3:00 PM both of these teams will play at the Estádio Castelão, Fortaleza.
Plus Other Costa Rica matches
Fri, Jun 20, 12:00 PM
vs Italy (Italian national team, the Italians).

Tue, Jun 24, 12:00 PM
vs England (UK English)

Luiz Felipe Scolari (Coach)
Maurice Escalona

Erik Santos de Gouveia

Rensy Barradas

Bernard 1992-09-08 Left Winger
Jô 1987-03-20 Centre Forward
Willian 1988-08-09 Left Winger
Hulk 1986-07-25 Right Winger
Fred 1983-10-03 Centre Forward

Neymar 1992-02-05 Centre Forward (he plays with the FC Barcelona Legaue in Sapin)

Hernanes 1985-05-29 Attacking Midfielder (he plays with the club Inter Milano )
Ramires 1987-03-24 Centre Midfielder (Plays with the Chelsea FC english league and club)
Fernandinho 1985-05-04 Centre Midfielder ( England Manchester City)

Paulinho 1988-07-25 Centre Midfielder (England Tottenham Hotspur )Europe
Luiz Gustavo 1987-07-23 Defensive Midfielder ( he plays at Germany with the local team VfL Wolfsburg).

Oscar 1991-09-09 Attacking Midfielder ( England Chelsea FC )Europe

Henrique 1986-10-14 Centre Back (Italy SSC Napoli ) Napolitano. European

Maxwell 1981-08-27 Left Back (French team France Paris Saint-Germain )Europe
Maicon 1981-07-26 Right Back (Italy AS Roma )
Rafinha 1985-09-07 Right Back ( Germany Bayern München )European

Dante 1983-10-18 Centre Back ( Germany Bayern München )
Silva, Thiago 1984-09-22 Centre Back ( France Paris Saint-Germain ) European
Alves, Dani 1983-05-06 Right Back ( Spain FC Barcelona )Euroep

Marcelo 1988-05-12 Left Back (Spain Real Madrid )
David Luiz 1987-04-22 Centre Back (England Chelsea FC )
Júlio César 1979-09-03 Goalkeeper ( USA Toronto FC ) United States.
These are the player's name who will be on the 2014 tournament.
The Brazilians with name, place where they work playing and their birthdays or day of birth, of course.
Group D