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College Education Opportunity For Better Professionals in The Near Future. College In Chicago South Florida North Fl, South Carolina Washington New York Las Vegas Nevada

University, locally and internationally America.
A great student does do sports, study hard and smart
He or she in the case of boys or girls

They take the study as a job and personal duty and not as an amusement time, they see the future positively and finally they do not do any unlawful matters or consuming, so there will be not any negative impacts in their career studies.

Best professionals were made themselves with personal determination and many have been integrated to best society for better performance.

Although there are private and public college educational locations and business evolved on the department of educating their students
We chosen the university above for beginning the information
The other universities, college and schools with the rank of a college, can do advertise by contacting us and discussing the way they should do with their Info.

Make the addition of the following digits before the respective number for calling from outside this country 506+ 2
Universidad En C.R. UCR \ College Locations

San Pedro de Montes De Oca
San Jose
Direcciones informacion y Codigo Postal 2060 San Jose.
Central Telefonica (506) 2207-4000
Fax: (506) 2224-821 telefonos y guias.
Numeros para emergencias
Sedes | Sectors:
Rodrigo Facio ( 2207 ) 4911

Del Atlantico 506+ 2- 2558-3600 - 506+ 2- 2556-7707
En Guanacaste 2666-0357
En Limon 506+ 2- 2798-5633
Del Pacifico Norte Central 506+ 2-2661-1111 - 506+ 2- 2661-0717
Servicio De Las Emergencias Nacionales 911
University of Costa Rica and the emergency numbers
Address and information
It is located at San Pedro Montes de Oca, San Jose (the capital of ) .
Postal code 2060 s. J.
Telephone central office: (506) 2207-4000
Fax: (506) 2224-821
General Costa Rica's emergency number is also 911.
The Atlantic location 2558-3600 - 2556-7707
The Guanacaste section office 2666-0357
The Limon section office 2798-5633

The pacific office 2661-1111 - 2661-0717

Fincas terrenas para vender, a la venta. Estudios de universidades locales, cursos de preparacion, admision de estudiantes de estudios avansados
Un buen estudiante, hace deporte y estudia, toma el estudio como un trabajo y no como una diversion, mira el futuro positivamente y no consume ninguna sustancia illicita que le pueda afectar en su carrera universitaria..
Todas las universidades de este pais se pueden promocionar en nuestras paginas ticas, el contacto con nosotros es necesario para que esas instituciones o negocios incorporados legalmente lo puedan hacer. sus numeros de telefono, direccion y nombre legal es necesario de parte de una entidad, persona autorizada. Para ir a la playa ya no es necesario gasar tiempo ni dinero. Hagalo con nuetra website
Las escuelas Institutos y colegios con rango de universidad, tambien lo pueden hacer de la misma forma explidaca arriba. Tambien y para conocer el estado del tiempo, mirarlo

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