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New forks, sales and rentals by companies in the business of provisions for special or great parties. the need of  more silverware, forks the most, so it is necessary weather to buy or rent them. The culinary destinations, lodging restaurant guide
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Forks for rent, to rent, or silverwares sales, all you nee for your private celebration, parties.
The weddings, birthdays, or many companies with those employees will have a celebration or meeting and they need a lot of forks, spoons, dishes, table clothes, tables and even musical equipments.

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Se alquilan utensilios de restaurantes, para fiestas, eventos especiales, cucharas, platos y mas en Costa Rica y América. las Empresas vendedoras, con ventas de tenedores o los alquileres

Companías o empresas, agencias, industrias, almacenes con todas las provisiones para las fiestas especiales.

Eventos en donde muchas personas asisten a celebrar.
Se necesita rentar o alquilar tenedores, platos, bajillas, copas, utensilios de cocina en general.

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