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In a world where newer technologies and inventions take over the new generations minds, it is necessary to update the existing ones to keep up with dramatic changes. Go to school and study.

So you find a better job position and have more opportunities.

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There is not a better way to assure yourself an education in United States, Canada, Mexico Argentina Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Spain Italy our E directory of commerce is giving you the opportunity to approach the right path to participate in our future, become professional and study with us, or just visit and study the necessary Spanish and biology to have that point counting for you in your resume or documentation of traveling.

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Private and public school, bilingual and high schools, level entrance. Electronics and institutes, educational centers, driving, airplane or aviation, kindergarten education, separate subjects schooling. As mathematics, science, plastic arts, social studies, find the textbook courses Spanish, French and others.
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Telecommunications abroad. Local Cellular Connection provides affordable cellular rental phones for use it in our country. This is an easy way to students to stay in touch with their family and friends while studying and traveling in Central America. The possibility to place accessories, equipments, parts or replacements to local or international communities o community colleges for their needs to teach students across the continent.

Some local schools provide more detail information about this services, although many will prefer the student family to contact the student from their home country, because of the high price of cell phones services. Also some schools will need at least one or two weeks prior to arrival of the student, for matters of connections and having the cell phone ready for activation.

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Espanol el mejor.atencion senores usuarios, integrarse a clases. Desean anunciar sus companias empresas, la posibilidad de colocar accesorios, partes y repuestos, equipos o equipamientos destinados a la ensenanza, de alumnos.
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