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Walk in California Beach Side
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Can We Say That Miss Universe Canada Crowns Wrong Winner? Ontario's Denise Garrido, Age 26Y
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Riza Santos
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News For Baby:

She is almost ready to give birth anytime soon.
Kim Kardashian was having a party yesterday at her star-studded baby shower event, she announced the gender of her bay meantime did not specify if it is a she or he.
By the way, news sources described the entire family get together over the weekend:
There were: Mr. and Mss, Miss: Kelly Osbourne, Kimberly Stewart, NeNe Leakes, Mel B., her family and Kanye's family for a baby shower in Beverly Hills California.

The photo on the left is for Megan Young Miss World 2013. The Philippines beauty woman who won the crown.
like we said, the news media international was going nuts for her story and how she brought the hopes to her country one more time.

Megan Young Miss World 2013

The 2013 2014 Oscar Awards and Beautiful Actress Dresses
Colorful Night. ("Argo ” Has won 3 three gold Oscars )
Movie " Argo " winning for adapted screenplay for Chris Terrio and film editing for William Goldenberg, all in one package)
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(Photo right:) Jennifer Lawrence at the event Catching Fire Premiere. ( The Hunger Games: Movie Catching Fire)

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News climate and temps for October forecast, stay tuned everyday as we tell you what is happening in Vegas!
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jennifer lawrence catchingFirePremiere

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